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Who Are Team Immortal?

Team Immortal was founded in 2011 by me….Simon Gittins. Starting up as a Facebook group, Team Immortal has been running for over six years, thriving full of people who are just as keen as ever to stay in good shape.

My Story

At heart I’m a family man, I’m also a sports & fitness fan. Despite this I found myself badly out of shape in 2010. I discovered a home work out routine called P90X and that’s where this journey started. For the past 7 years I’ve been using Beachbody workout routines along with a few others to stay in shape.

My fitness journey can definitely be described as a rollercoaster ride! Personally I love the constant challenge of getting into good shape along with regular ‘scheduled’ blowouts. I just love the mix of enjoying life’s pleasures while using fitness as my currency to pay for them.

The second part of this journey has been the discovery of how strong a fitness based community can be. The comfort of sharing my values with many fellow members makes me feel like I’m in good company and that my approach is doable long term. Without this I can guarantee I wouldn’t be anywhere near as happy I am as a person, never mind staying in shape. I created a Facebook group in 2011 after finding an online community of like minded fitness enthusiasts, many of whom were also using Beachbody workouts. I called the group ‘Team Immortal’ with the strapline ‘Forever Fit’….cheesy I know 😉

My Fitness Ethos

Simon Gittins Beachbody Results

As individuals we all have different goals and various ways of achieving these goals. Fitness is definitely an emotively triggered desire. I’ve discovered that being part of a fitness based community leads to a more rewarding journey and ultimately better results for each individual. We’re all different in terms of body shape, size, capabilities, experience and time available to dedicate to fitness, however support always benefits our cause.

Team Immortal share experiences, reviews, knowledge, training techniques, recipes, discoveries and results. This is a welcoming, rewarding and encouraging approach to fitness that I believe is fun….at least most of the time! 😉

Oh and as you can see here….I still let myself fall out of shape but knowing exactly how to repair it quickly is my guilty pleasure!

Here’s a video I made back in 2012 after completing a round of P90X2:

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