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The most successful Beachbody coaches to date have compiled, followed and stuck to a simple checklist. Each checklist needs to be fine honed based on each coach’s skillset and approach. The principles behind completing small, controlled tasks consistently have been outlined in the book – The Compound Effect (brilliant book I might add).

In order to reach my goals I’ve outlined the following Beachbody Coach Checklist tasks:

My Own Fitness

  • Perform my own workout – 5 times per week, Monday to Friday
  • Keep a journal of the workout, weights, measurements, feelings, photos, occasional videos
  • Drink Shakeology daily
  • Journal everything – good and bad (for content and accountability purposes)
  • Stay accountable

Personal Development

  • Keep a backlog of at least 3 good personal development books on my phone
  • Spend half an hour each day reading from one of the books
    • Split this up into bite size chunks, read in bed, when I am waiting for something/somebody, relaxing or even on the toilet! 😉
  • Be consistent, create small, good habits that burn in over time
  • Ignore haters and sceptics as I will face them no matter what
  • Get out of my comfort zone regularly, make my ‘frogs’ my friends until I have to discover new uncomfortable zones
  • Play to my strengths, improve weaknesses

Other People’s Fitness

  • Recognise the efforts of other people
  • Reward their success by helping them reach the next level
  • Help with absolutely everything;
    • Their fitness goals and how to achieve them
    • Their Beachbody coach aspirations and how to achieve them
    • Help with growing their business
    • Help them to create and amplify their digital presence

Social Media

  • Meet new people on social media daily
  • Continue to grow followers and likes on the following daily;
    • Facebook page
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
  • Connect with current contacts and start permission based fitness related conversations
  • Offer the coaching opportunity to one new person every week day via at least one social media channel
    • Follow up regularly – again permission based
  • Populate all channels with content
    • My own journal
    • Success stories
    • Nutrition
  • Utilise all media channels, design and create the following
    • Infographics
    • Articles
    • Video
    • Video Compilations
  • Invite people to challenge groups daily


  • Add 1 article per day
  • Share content daily across social media
  • Perform on-site SEO audit once per week
    • Fix any issues like meta-data, titles, plugins, updates etc
  • Split test the CRO elements regularly and change accordingly

Research & Discovery

  • Always look for new avenues of connection and improvement
  • Research a good CRM, use it daily
  • Stay ahead of the digital curve, always

This checklist pretty much applies to Beachbody Coaches in the UK , Canada or US.



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