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Welcome Team Immortal Coach!

I’m naturally delighted to have you onboard our fantastic team of coaches. Use this page as your goto resource for working on your coaching business. The training supplied in your online coach office is great, I’ll combine bits of that with my own findings and training materials. I’ve already become a successful Beachbody coach here in the UK, by following the guide below you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful Beachbody coach yourself. Let’s do this!

Important note: 

Remember the three types of coaches I mentioned? If you’re a discount coach, simply use this page as a reference if you decide you want to become more involved in future. I’ve written this guide as more of a tool geared towards coaches who want to earn extra cash (part time coaches) and coaches who want to become full time business builders.

Also, the following is a month’s worth of training. It’s not necessarily a guide as to where you’ll find yourself ranking wise each week. We’ll do everything we can to ensure you achieve what you set out to do….and beyond 😉

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beachbody coaching week 1

Topics covered in week 1

  • Day 1 – Coach Welcome

  • Day 2 – Set-Up Your Coach Office

  • Day 3 – The 4 Vital Behaviours

  • Day 4 – Getting Organised

  • Day 5 – Managing Challenge Groups

  • Day 6 – Goal Setting

  • Day 7 – Check-In With Your Coach

beachbody coaching week 1

Topics covered in week 2

  • Day 8 – Earn Money NOW!

  • Day 9 – How to Invite Like a Pro

  • Day 10 – How to Enrol Customers

  • Day 11 – Shakeology Product Training

  • Day 12 – General Product Training

  • Day 13 – Handling Objections

  • Day 14 – Check-In With Your Coach

beachbody coaching week 1

Topics covered in week 3

  • Day 15 – You are the CEO

  • Day 16 – The Benefits of Reaching Emerald Status

  • Day 17 – Developing Brand YOU

  • Day 18 – Success Club

  • Day 19 – Treating Your Business Like a Business

  • Day 20 – Don’t Forget Your Own Fitness

  • Day 21 – Check-In With Your Coach

beachbody coaching week 1

Topics covered in week 4

  • Day 22 – How to Enrol Coaches

  • Day 23 – Understanding Personas

  • Day 24 – Attraction Marketing

  • Day 25 – The Importance of Personal Development

  • Day 26 – Emerald to Diamond

  • Day 27 – Becoming a Leader

  • Day 28 – Check-In With Your Coach

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