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This morning’s Body Beast leg workout comprised of 4 dynamic sets: 1 single set, 1 Super Set, and 2 Giant sets. All the classic moves were incorporated such as squats, lunges, and calf raises. Sounds plain sailing doesn’t it? The sheer pace of the workout takes over and the dynamic sets have you begging for mercy! Bulgarian squats are a killer for me with one foot up on the bench.

Weight wise I stayed sensible but I have been lifting heavy over the past few weeks so my strength is good at the moment. I pretty much matched Sagi’s weights apart from the Bulgarian squats and the step up lunges. Ironically I went really heavy on my calf muscles. My calves are really slim but strong for some reason. This workout HAS to work. It feels too damn hard not too! Below you’ll see the list of exercises and format.

Body Beast Build Legs Workout

Single Set x 4

Sumo Squat

Super Set x 3

Alternating Lunge

Step-Up to Reverse Lunge – Right

Step-Up to Reverse Lunge – Left

Giant Set x 3

Parallel Squat

Bulgarian Squat – Left

Bulgarian Squat – Right

Straight Leg Deadlift – Right

Straight Leg Deadlift – Left

Giant Set x 2

Single Leg Calf Raise – Left

Single Leg Calf Raise – Right

Seated Calf Raise

Ins and Outs


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