Body Beast Day 66, Tempo Back and Biceps

It looks like I’ve found another favourite workout. Six second up, six second down pull-ups. Sagi, are you kidding me? I did them but must admit to a bit of kipping to grunt them out. Again I loved the introduction of ab moves throughout the workout. For arms all you actually do are preacher curls and EZ bar curls…..but don’t be fooled. My arms were totally screaming after that! Whether the perception of this it’s cool or not, I love training arms. I’m not daft enough to overtrain them though. I simply love the workouts when they pop up in my schedule. They somehow make that 4.30am start seem more doable. Anyhow, I have Beast cardio & abs tomorrow, rest Friday and then none other than the mercurial bulk arms on Saturday!! Wow, great guns of fire! I’m hitting a sweet spot right now. My calories have been slashed but I’m feeling good about being in the Beast phase. My strength hasn’t diminished whatsoever, my body fat is reducing daily and so is my overall weight. I’ve lost 5 lbs in 2 days but none of it is lbm. I have a great feeling about this.

I listened to a great team call in one of the huge US groups this morning. It was actually recorded last night. Sagi answered people’s questions which I think is great. Sceptics can play devils advocate all they like…….they just want to sell more and blah blah. Of course this is true, Beachbody will want to sell more of their products, but what’s wrong with that? In fact they will continue to sell products because they work. If anyone has anything against that then it’s beyond my personal understanding. Anyway,  Sagi is taking time to reassure people, answer questions and he’s even commented on my posts in Facebook groups before. In my opinion he is more accountable than anybody else I’ve known in a similar position and I’m sorry if anyone think’s it’s naive of me to find this inspirational…..but I do. I use whatever I can glean from the internet, forums, groups, interaction with readers of my own blog and any other means of information. I fuse this into a sensible output format in my home gym. I use whatever knowledge I can and do whatever it takes to make it work. A couple of very interesting sound bites compounded what I’ve been thinking and saying about cardio versus resistance. Cardio burns calories in your body for a few hours after your workout. Resistance burns calories for up to 72 hours after your workout. Take from that whatever you wish. I’m not opening a cardio debate here as cardio is great for overall conditioning and it can still be used to burn fat. I just find the real world’s perception of resistance training astonishingly wrong and misguided. I really don’t get how hard it is to understand? Anyway, this Beast is one who listens and one who is feeling great today. Beast up people!

Tempo Back and Biceps Workout

Please note that the sets were performed using 6 seconds up, 6 seconds down, then 3 seconds up, 6 down, then 3 up, 3 down. There were also various ab exercises in between sets. I can’t recall the names of them, I’ll maybe update this post later when I’ve had the chance to check it out.

Pull-overs: 15, 12, 8 (6 seconds up, 6 seconds down, then 3 seconds up, 6 down, then 3 up, 3 down)
15kg, 17.5kg, 20kg

Pull-ups: 12, 10, 10
(I think! My pull-up bar is away from my tv screen lol!)

EZ-Bar rows: 15, 12, 8
20kg, 22kg, 26kg

Dumbbell Preacher Curls: 15, 12, 8
10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg (very light but boy they were tough! Screaming!!)

EZ Bar multi-grip curls: wide, narrow and reverse grip: 15, 12, 8
12kg, 12 kg, 12,kg (again they were screaming even with this light weight. Put into perspective I can curl something like 60kg but that has no place in this workout, that’s for sure)


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