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I’m a Specialist LIIFT4 Trainer

That’s right, LIIFT4 isn’t even out yet and I’m a specialist LIIFT4 trainer. I’m currently doing the B4 LIIFT4 hybrid and I already know LIIFT4 is right up my street. Let me explain and qualify why I’m already the coach who will help you maximise your results with LIIFT4.


As a Beachbody coach, my number one aim is to help people. I do so by aligning them with the most suitable workout routines and nutrition plans to achieve and exceed their goals.

Part of this process involves me learning about all the workout/nutrition options available via Beachbody on Demand. One of the best ways to learn about the workouts is to actually go through them myself. Have I done all of the workouts? No but I have done many of them. I’ve still aligned people with some workouts I haven’t done myself as I’ve learned about the routine and matched the criteria to where certain people are in their fitness or lifestyle journey. In the main though I pair people up with routines I have performed myself.

The beauty about Beachbody is there are many workouts to suit many different types of people. One of the first questions I ask you is what makes you tick? Once I delve into the type of person you are, I’m better suited to align you with a plan that’ll ensure you smash your goals. For example, if you really can’t bear the thought of doing yoga, I’m not going to throw you a bunch of yoga workouts. It’s not even a question of whether yoga….or strength training, cardio, dance and pilates routines work. It’s a case of pairing you with a plan that keeps you happy. If you’re happy you’ll keep going. If you keep going you’ll smash your goals. This is such a simple ethos but it’s one many people can’t seem to grasp.

What Makes Me Tick?

I’m a sportsman at heart. My persona as a coach would be one who enjoys explosive movements, heavy weights and a few grunts here and there! I appreciate all workout disciplines but my essential criteria are as follows;

  • At the core of my workout plans, I like resistance or weight training to be heavily (literally) involved
  • I don’t particularly enjoy typical ‘hamster wheel’ cardio but I do enjoy quick explosive bursts like HIIT and sprints
  • My nutritional ethos is this; A successful nutrition plan is one whereby you eat as much food as you can get away with…not as little food you can survive on
  • Train smart, even if it goes against your excitement or emotions at the time

LIIFT4 is Already in Me

LIIFT4 Exclusive Coach Test Group

Do you see the familiar pattern in al my own personal points above? They all form the ethos of how Joel Freeman put LIIFT4 together. I had a recent conversation with BeachbodyIf you already have my 7 Day Shred Ebook, you’ll see total similarities in how I put this together and how LIIFT4 is set up. It’s bordering weird how this has worked out….for me, LIIFT4 is the perfect fit! I’m going to dedicate a large portion of my time to going through several rounds of it myself. I’ll work directly with people to ensure they get the absolute most out of it.

Before you ask I don’t say this about every new routine Beachbody release. I’d say I’m a specialist in the following though;

  • Body Beast
  • Beast Up
  • Week of Hard Labor
  • LIIFT4
  • P90X

So basically, that’s Body Beast, LIIFT4 and P90X. The others are simply expansions of Body Beast. This is my niche within Beachbody. All of these workouts involve lifting weights and explosive movements. I use them to get into and stay in single digit body fat % most of the year round.

Join Me for a Round of LIIFT4

If you want me to become your dedicated LIIFT4 coach, check out the LIIFT4 early access packs. If you want to see more info, check out the everything you need to know about LIIFT4 article.

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