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  • Shakeology VAT FREE

Shakeology is now VAT FREE in the UK!

This is breaking fantastic news coming out of Beacbody HQ in conjunction with the UK Government.

Here’s the direct Shakeology VAT Free quote from my coach back office:

Great news for our Shakeology fans in the UK! After a lengthy process, we received confirmation from UK tax authority that Shakeology is zero rated for VAT and we will be passing this benefit on to our Shakeology customers in the UK! In the UK, the prices paid on are VAT-inclusive. As a result, effective today, the retail list price for all UK Shakeology flavours will be lowered from £129.95 to £108.29. The retail list price of the Shakeology Sampler in the UK will be lowered from £19.95 to £16.62 and the retail list price of the Clean Week Shakeology Sampler in the UK will also be lowered from £29.95 to £24.96.

So what does this mean?

  • This price change works out as £3.60 per shake for customers, £2.70 per coaches
  • Remembering that Shakeology is a meal replacement, this makes it much more affordable for both coaches and customers
  • Even better than the actual price reduction for me…is the UK’s endorsement and recognition of Shakeology as a superfood
  • This is great news for people who are sceptical of supplements and purists who only eat ‘real food’, well Shakeology has always been made up of ‘real food’ and now it’s official. The UK Government are notoriously strict regarding ingredient profiles and quality control over food substances
  • The timing of the announcement is great too, allowing people who want a fresh start in January to hit the ground running, enjoy their workouts and Shakeology to achieve their fitness goals.Check out my full 30 day Shakeology UK video review.
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