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Many personal trainers from the US and Canada have added Beachbody Coaching to their personal trainer business as a way to help more people reach their goals. Now the opportunity has been launched here in the UK (October 2017) personal trainers across the UK can jump on this huge opportunity to make extra money. The coaching opportunity not only allows you to make extra money, it can even create financial freedom, training when you want and how you want.

What trainer doesn’t want to create their own schedule? It’s a complete no-brainer, the possibility of making more money with Beachbody coaching vs training is very attainable. To start with, why not do both? With the support of a huge network and your own team, you can reach clients from all over the UK, United States and Canada. You inspire these people and make more money without carrying huge overheads and going through expensive coaching certifications. If you’ve already got these…then great but there’s no need to go even further up the certification ladder.

Why would you not want to do what you love and make more money with it, while expanding your client base and inspiring people to get in the best shape of their lives? Below I’ve outlined 6 major benefits.

1) Business Expansion – Across the UK and internationally

As a personal trainer you are limited by your location, working with clients in and around your local area. By becoming a Beachbody coach you can work with people across the entire UK, USA and Canada. Therefore you become an international trainer! It doesn’t stop there, now that Beachbody have launched in the UK (October 2017) it’s likely they’ll expand across Europe. Beachbody is a global brand and you have the chance to become part of that.

This open you to huge opportunities and removes the limitations of being confined to your local area.

2) Make money by helping people achieve their goals

Becoming a Beachbody coach can be rewarding in so many ways. Beachbody is a global brand and they have a backdrop of astounding advertising behind their world class workouts. All you do is add personal value to the established proposition. Build your network and walk your customers through their fitness journey. Help them to choose the right products for their goals and you can both share how rewarding it becomes when it happens.

In a nutshell you can sell Beachbody products and make a 25% commission! You can also make commission when other members in your network sell products!

3) Client cancellations – what’s your plan?

As a personal trainer, you’re only to aware of how temporary fitness can be in the eyes of a client. Cancellations are very real and can come at unexpected times, leaving you out of work and out of pocket. Clients can become ‘skint’, move out of the area, change work patterns etc. Clients often cancel right?

Becoming a Beachbody coach you would be recommending Beachbody workout routines and supplement range like Shakeology (dense nutritious meal replacement) and the Performance range. This works out as a cheaper alternative for them to continue their health and fitness journey within the comfort of their own homes.

4) Get paid when you don’t work, as well as when you do

As a personal trainer, it’s a good bet you’re paid by the hour. Work 5 hours, get paid for 5 hours work. Hardly an alien or unfair concept, however it’s not a smart way of attaining an income.

Beachbody Coaching is different. If you work for an hour or 50 hours, it doesn’t matter. You will be paid (weekly) on what you and your team produces. No catches or complexities, now that is pretty damn cool!

I personally earn money while I’m asleep. I had to work to get here but now I’m afloat it’s happening for me….and I’ve only been a UK Beachbody coach for 3 weeks at the time of writing this! The opportunity only opened here in the UK last month but it’s already working for me. If I check my Team Volume before I go to bed at night, and then check it again the next day, it’s a good bet it will be higher. While I slept my Team Volume grew, which means my Team Cycle bonuses also grew. This will only get bigger the more time goes by.

Research Beachody products, they are truly excellent. Your bound to have heard of workout routines like P90X, Insanity, and Body Beast. Couple the workouts with world class supplements like Shakeology.

5) Offer clients more value, saving money and time

Personal trainer fees can vary but can range from £20 per hour to £150 per hour (more established and central London area). This is not cheap for clients! This also explains the temporary nature of clients and the reason behind the majority of cancelations.

Even looking at the low end of the scale, £20 per hour x 5 sessions per week = £100 per week, £400 per month, £4800 per year! That’s a big old chunk of budget from an average client. Remember, this is the low end of the scale too.

If someone wants to see results quickly, they should be working out around 5 or 6 days per week. At first, you could split this up for clients. They could spend 2 days working out with you and 3 or 4 days working out at home with a Beachbody routine. This ticks big boxes in terms of value added, less overall money spent, trust gained and liklihood of success from a client perspective. Meanwhile you earn from both angles, while spending less time working, or freeing up your time to fit more clients in. Everyone wins – back of the net.

6) It’s your business

When you become a Beachbody coach, You are the CEO of your own business. Sure you’ll have a massive support network to help you, myself included. I’d be your personal sponsor, responsible for helping you to succeed. However it’s YOUR business to lead however you wish. Many PT’s start of with the dual approach mentioned above until they establish their business, then it’s up to them how far they want to take it.


Watch the short video below. It’s American but applies here in the UK now too.

Frequent personal trainer opposition and misconceptions

1 – Beachbody is NOT your competition

Some personal trainers see Beachbody as competition. If people can just workout at home then doesn’t that make me redundant? It really doesn’t need to be like this. Harness your own fitness experience and add Beacbody to your list of services and options.

2 – I know better, my workouts are bespoke

Try to remain open minded. I’m an experienced guy in the fitness arena and at one point I thought I ‘knew better’. I’ve used Beachbody workouts for years but there was a point when I started going in another direction. I ended up going back to Beachbody workouts because they help me to focus on my goals and help other people. Some PTs may have negative preconceived notions about Beachbody workouts, thinking their way is the only way and the best way. Beachbody is by no means the only way but it’s certainly a very good way. For some people it’s their entire plan, for you it may become part of your plan.

3 – Simple is understandable, repeatable and doable

Let’s keep this simple. Exercise is exercise and nutrition is nutrition. Yes, we are helping people through the Beachbody branded solution. However, providing tools and products many people are using is actually endearing to most people. Remember, this is a proven multi-million dollar brand. Don’t be tempted to bounce off Beachbody with a stubborn tunnel visioned eye on your bespoke option. Be open to new ideas. Conveying this simple method is a great entry point for beginners and Beachbody have more long term customers / trainers than any other brand out there. Experienced trainers are also huge fans. I know several physique competitors who are massive Beachbody fans.

400,000+ US coaches are testimony to the fact that THIS JUST PLAIN WORKS!

Beachody and gyms – Become certified

For personal trainers that own their own gym, this could be a great opportunity to expand.

For gym owners, there’s also the opportunity to become certified (or hire someone that is) and teach live classes in your gym. There are opportunities to become certified and teach live classes for Insanity, P90x, Turbo Fire, Piyo and Cize.

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