Accepting the Party Season Carnage

  • accept the party carnage

It’s 5th December as I write and the party season is now in full swing. I just love the party season! Celebrating Christmas for me is a month long and starts by meeting friends pretty much the first weekend of December every year. This weekend was no different. I’m not going to tell fibs here, I had an absolute BLAST! Everyone is different of course and some people choose to minimise the damage over the Christmas period. The way I look at it is very simple;

Fitness has three cylinders

  1. Exercise
  2. Nutrition
  3. Supplements

Most of the year – I’m firing on all 3 cylinders

  • I perform my Beachbody workouts
  • My nutrition is good (not perfect but good)
  • I use supplements daily (to simplify my plan and help my lifestyle)

The party season – I’m firing on 2 cylinders

  • I perform my Beachbody workouts
  • My nutrition is loose
  • I use supplements some of the time
    • Example – If I’m out for a calorific meal. The meal is usually on an evening, so replacing breakfast or lunch with Shakeology is an option to keep calories down during other meal times

Holidays – I’m firing on 1 cylinder

  • I don’t perform my Beachbody workouts but I do some exercise by performing enjoyable holiday based activities;
    • Swimming
    • Walking
    • Dancing (Very badly!)
    • Hiking
  • My nutrition is loose
  • I don’t use supplements at all on holiday

Let’s do the Maths

  • 3 Cylinders = 46 weeks of the year
  • 2 Cylinders = 4 weeks of the year
  • 1 Cylinder = 2 weeks of the year

These are my own personal numbers and I’m perfectly happy with them. For this reason I completely 100% accept the party season carnage, no holds barred. I don’t feel guilty at all. If carnage was currency I reckon I’ve saved for it pretty much all year round…..well for 46/52 weeks anyway.

Don’t make the following mistakes

In order to be happy with yourself fitness wise you need to decide what your persona is. Some people have different priorities or maybe level out without the need for carnage. However, I have witnessed a great deal of people over the years fall into these traps, don’t let yourself be one of them.

  • Don’t beat yourself up about any level of treats or carnage you consume
  • Ensure you have planned times to relax a little
  • Don’t perceive treats as being a bad thing
  • Don’t let your temporary weakness of one cylinder completely derail the other cylinders
  • Don’t try to go from 0 to all 3 cylinders for 52 weeks of the year. You’ll likely burn out and fail
  • Don’t think that taking up a fitness plan for the first time means it’s all or nothing

Carnage can be good if it’s only temporary!

I feel at my most invigorated and raring to go in January, after affording myself some consumption freedom. I can also confidently guarantee my long term adherence.

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