Beachbody Coach Training – Week 1 – Coach Basics


Day 1 – Coach Welcome
Day 2 – Set-Up Your Coach Office
Day 3 – The 4 Vital Behaviours
Day 4 – Getting Organised
Day 5 – Managing Challenge Groups
Day 6 – Goal Setting
Day 7 – Check-In With Your Coach


Coach Office:

Your coach welcome book:
Click here for coach welcome book

Your coach basics guide:
Click here for coach basics guide

Useful business activity tracker:
Click here for the business activity tracker

Coach Link Generator:
Click here for the Coach Link Generator

Bitly Link Shorting Service:
Click here for the Bitly Link Shortening Service

Challenge Group Invite Samples:
Click here to see Challenge Group Invite Sample Posts

Challenge Group Content and Guides:
Click here to see Challenge Group Content Guides

Day 1 – Coach Welcome

Here are the very first things you should do when you become a coach. It’s important you don’t skip any of these as they are all crucial towards building a strong foundation for your coaching business.

First, a little welcome from me – Simon Gittins, Founding UK Beachbody Coach.

Task 1

Watch the coach welcome video below.

Day 2 – Set-Up Your Coach Office

Task 1

Set up your EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) in your online coach office. Further down the line this ensures you get paid from Beachbody, so this is definitely a priority right? 😉

To do this log into your online office, then click on the following:

  1. Monitor my Business
  2. My EFT Management

Simply enter the bank details you’d like Beachody to deposit your earnings into.

Task 2

Watch the coach office video below.

Once you’ve watched the video go ahead and set up the following;

  1. Your profile information
  2. Your personal websites

Day 3 – The 4 Vital Behaviours

Task 1

Watch the video below.

Task 2

You’ll see this everywhere from Beachbody and it’s the foundation of how to succeed in this business. Further down the line I’ll share ideas on how you can apply the 4 vital behaviours but for now, just take them in. Read and re-read the 4 vital behaviours below.

Be Proof the Products Work

Drink Shakeology®, complete Beachbody® programmes, and be a walking Success Story in progress.

Invite. Invite. Invite.

Invite daily. Invite everyone to join a Beachbody Challenge Group. Focus on their goals, follow up, and help them get results.

Recognise. Recognise. Recognise.

Celebrate and reinforce every meaningful achievement and activity that leads to results.

Do Personal Development

Strengthen and better yourself every day by learning from the success of others. Become the best version of you.

Task 3

Read the coach basics guide

From this you will take forward the following key points:

  1. Show up: I need you to show up every day for your coaching business. You will learn that consistency is key to your success as a Coach. I know you’re busy, but your business will require some of your time each day. Every day you’ll have assignments to make it simple for you to know what to do.
  2. Be willing to go outside your comfort zone: You’re going to learn some new skills and develop some new habits that build a successful coaching business. Sometimes, it may not be something you’re used to, and trying new things can push you out of your comfort zone. That’s okay! I just need you to trust the process and go for it!
  3. Keep it simple: I know you’re new and there are several things coming at you, but what you do as a Coach is simple: connect with people in a sincere way and help them. Remember, it’s a people business and people respond to others who are sincerely interested in helping them. So, keep it simple, focus on people and building relationships, and let the rest follow.

Day 4 – Get Organised

Task 1

Watch the video below.

Task 2

That’s enough prep work for now. I reckon you’re now ready to start putting things into action.

Create a list

Create an initial contact list of people you know that you could reach out to and start a conversation around getting fit, getting healthy or losing weight. These conversations will lead to an opportunity to invite them to an upcoming Challenge Group that I’ll help run in the next few weeks. We’ll talk about how to reach out to them during our Coach Basics training; for now, just make sure you have the list. To help you remember names, you through your contacts on social media or your email list.

Task 3

Time for a quick recap.

  • You’ve read and understood the basic principles of what’s required to become a successful Beachbody coach.
  • You’ve created your list of potential contacts
  • You’re all fired up and ready to get going

Great! Now it’s time to get organised. There are a number of ways to do this and this largely depends on you. Here are a few ideas;

Option 1

Use the simple printable business activity tracker to keep track of your daily tasks: Click here for the business activity tracker

The business activity tracker is a really simple introduction to getting your processes in order and a great place to start.

Option 2

Personally, I’m very much a digitally organised person and I’ve found a fantastic free Project Management app to use.

The app is called Asana.


Asana is FREE for what you’ll need it for. Download Asana from the links below depending on the type of smart phone you have

asana apple
asana be proof the products work
asana recognise

Within Asana I created the following:

  • A board split into the 4 vital behaviours
    • Invite
    • Be Proof the Products Work
    • Recognise
    • Personal Development
  • Within each board I have daily tasks, occasional tasks and weekly tasks. Here’s a full breakdown;
    • Invite
      • Add 3 people to Facebook (daily)
      • Invite 3 people to a Challenge Group (daily)
      • Invite 3 people to my overall Facebook Group (daily)
      • Follow up with 3 people (one or twice per week)
    • Be Proof the Products Work
      • Complete workout (daily)
      • Check in on main Facebook Timeline (daily)
      • Post in Challenge Tracker App (daily)
      • Post in Main Facebook Group (daily)
      • Post on Instagram / Facebook Page / Twitter (daily)
      • Write Blog Post (twice per week)
    • Recognise
      • Check in with 1 customer (daily)
      • Check in with coaches (Every few days)
      • Recognise Challenge Group Member Achievements (daily or as they happen)
      • Recognise random person achievements (daily or as they happen)
    • Personal Development
      • Read 3 pages of The Magic of Thinking Big (weekly)
      • Read 3 Pages of The Compound Effect (weekly)
      • Read 3 Pages of Go Pro (weekly)

Benefits of Asana

  • Really simple to use, helps breakdown what you need to do each day
  • Allows you to effectively manage your time. Once your tasks are done for the day, get back to living your life! Don’t run the risk of burning out
  • Notifications are great, prompting you to do the tasks on the days you’ve assigned
  • You can add bespoke items too like calls with people, coach calls etc
  • Fully tailorable to suit what works for you

Getting Organised – Conclusion

Whether you use Asana, the worksheets or simply write things down, it’s imperative you get organised before you start sharing. This way you’ll be fully prepared to help people and keep track of everything you’re doing.

Day 5 – Managing Challenge Groups

Now that you’re organised you’re ready to start putting everything into action via Challenge Groups.

Task 1

Watch the video below.

Task 2

  • Familiarise yourself with the Coach Link Generator. Click here to access the Link Generator
  • Using the Link Generator, paste in your coach ID from your coach online office.
  • Copy the entire set of links and paste them into a Word doc, or in a text file saved on your smart phone.

Task 3

Task 4

  • There are 2 really cool apps called BB Links and Coach Codes. They basically do everything for you once you plug in your coach ID. I highly recommend you download one or both apps! Simply search for ‘BB Links’ or ‘Coach Codes’ from the Apple App Store or Google Play store depending on your smart phone device.

bb links app coach codes app

Task 5

OK, so now you have the following:

  • Your understanding of what it takes to become a successful coach
  • Your list of contacts
  • Your professional looking links
  • Your organisation setup via the worksheets or via the Asana project management app

This task is all about understanding what challenge groups are and how to run them.

Your first year as a coach is all about running challenge groups!

Simple right? Absolutely!

So this task involves learning all about challenge groups. Now there’s a good chance you’ve already been part of my challenge groups before, as most coaches are born out of running challenge groups. If not, don’t worry. There are plenty of tools available for you to learn about challenge groups.

The Challenge Group Cycle

  • We run monthly challenge groups
  • Challenge groups comprise of coaches and challengers
  • You use the invite process to invite people to challenge groups
    • The free option – Point people towards Beachbody on Demand, let them know there’s a 14 day free trial option. This is a no brainer for people who are new to Beachbody products. Once the 14 day free trial is up, most of them will pay the £39 fee to keep their access to the app, so this is a great entry point for newbies
    • The paid option – Some people actually want to throw money at becoming healthy from the off. this helps them to believe more in what they are doing, or perhaps they’re already warm to the idea of Beachbody after hearing about it from you or elsewhere. Point people towards challenge packs. The all Access Challenge pack is the best option in my opinion.
    • Nobody loses here. Beachbody products are the best available, everybody who participates in a challenge group loves it and gets results. We already know this but people need to witness it for themselves
    • Newbies become customers, customers become advocates, advocates can become coaches or even just consistent customers! Absolute gold right?
  • Challenge groups are best run via two options
    • The Challenge Tracker App and Portal
    • Facebook Groups

Options for running Challenge Groups

Here you have distinct options;

  1. Run your own challenge groups
  2. Piggy back my challenge groups

If you’re confident in running your own challenge groups then great! I’ll still join in if you want the support. If you want to piggy back my challenge groups this is how it works;

  • I add you as a coach to the Challenge Tracker app and portal
  • You benefit from anyone you personally invite to a challenge group (they are assigned as your customer)
  • You benefit from the momentum already created by me and other coaches
  • The group and community is already created, you simply add to it
  • I also have a generic ‘fitness interest Facebook group’, you can add people to that and going forwards we’ll treat these as your own future customers and coaches

Task 6

Sorry to keep banging on about Challenge Groups…but they are imperative so let’s take a look specifically at running challenge groups using the app and portal. In my opinion, the app and portal are fantastic, kind of like a private Facebook area, just without all the crap that comes with Facebook.

My Challenge Tracker Portal Tutorial Video

My Challenge Tracker App Tutorial

Task 7

Let’s start inviting!

Use the following guide from your coach office for ideas when inviting people to challenge groups:

Click here to see Challenge Group Invite Sample Posts

To be honest, I find personally messaging people to find out their ‘why’ or to see if they’re interested the best approach, prior to sending them links. It’s more polite and let’s them know you’re willing to help. This is permission based selling, not too pushy and yields the best results.

If you’re running your own challenge groups, here’s a complete guide complete with content. This is awesome as a starting point!

Click here to see Challenge Group Content Guides

You can add your link to posts, comments within posts but most of all you’ll find you need to send personal messages and/or emails containing the relevant links. Personalise the message to the user first, you’ll see how in the guides but apply your own content too. You’re likely to know them when working on your initial list of prospective contacts.

Task 8

Now it’s time to put everything into practice:

  • Invite. Invite. Invite.
    • Use the tasks sheets and/or Asana to invite people to challenge groups
    • Invite people to your network, via social media or other means
  • Be Proof the Products Work
    • Post occasionally to your Facebook timeline
    • Create a Facebook page and post to it
    • Post to Instagram
    • Post in your (our groups)
    • Don’t forget to stay in great shape yourself! Complete your workout
    • Share the benefits of Shakeology regularly
  • Recognise
    • Once you’re part of a challenge group you can recognise the achievements of other people
    • Recognise their completion of workouts, achievements, weight loss, muscle gains. Recognise everything.
  • Personal Development
    • Read good books such as ‘The Compound Effect’
    • It’s all about believing in yourself, personal development is crucial

Use your own diligence. All of this works but takes patience and time. Just do the simple things each day. An hour a day is all it takes.

Day 6 – Goal Setting

Task 1

Watch the video below.

Task 2

Setting goals without writing them down is like driving into London City centre without a map. You may get there eventually but it’ll take far longer than it needs to and cause untold frustration.  You need not only a goal, but a plan and a timeline to help you get there.

It’s time to set some goals for your Beachbody business.  In your first month of coaching, your goals should include:

  • Hitting Success Club 5
  • Achieve Emerald Rank
  • Doing 10 mins (or your own preferred set amount) minutes of  Personal Development per day

Emerald means that you personally sponsor two coaches (one on your left leg + one on your right). These can be people that work the business or people that simply want the discount on Shakeology and programs.  It doesn’t really matter as long as they remain in active status you will hold your rank of Emerald.

Achieving Emerald status is totally doable and a must for any coach who’s serious about building their business.

Day 7 – Contact Your Coach

Hey….you’re not alone! Now would be a great time to get in touch with me regarding any questions you have after completing your first weeks worth of training.

Your coach’s contact details:

Simon Gittins – Founding UK Beachbody Coach

Mobile: 0794 130 3842

Contact me using your preferred media choice, click on the buttons below.

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