Beachbody Coach Training – Week 2 – Let’s Help People


Day 8 – Earn Money Now!
Day 9 – How To Invite Like a Pro
Day 10 – How to Enrol Customers
Day 11 – Shakeology Product Training
Day 12 – General Product Training
Day 13 – Handling Objections
Day 7 – Check-In With Your Coach


Day 8 – Earn Money Now

Please remember, the number one thing you do as a Beachbody coach is to help people. This is your business though and you would like to earn money, of course you would. It’s really quite easy to start earning right away, it’s all about accruing a few customers.

Task 1

Watch the following video.

Task 2

Watch the video below. It’s quite old and based in USD but still relevant now.

Day 9 – How to Invite Like a Pro

Inviting is one of the most important things we do as coaches. All we are doing is trying to help people. The invite templates we shared from the coach office in week one are a good place to start….but you know what? I’ve found the best way to invite is via relationships.

Task 1

Watch the following video.

Task 2

Check back to your list. Here are a few tips for inviting the people on the list to challenge groups (and maybe to the coaching opportunity)

  1. The relationship phase – Personalise EVERYTHING. Get involved with people to find out their WHY. Be nice to them, like/share their posts and generally be in their social space in a positive way. Drip feed them conversations, see if they mentioned your fitness journey. If not drop them a few subtle hints. This is all about trust but don’t BS or push people to hard either. Building trust is key to the relationship phase.
  2. The transitional phase – Once you’ve established trust start adding people to your FREE groups, such as your (or our) free Facebook general fitness awareness group. This transitions your prospect into an area that shows them what you’re doing to achieve your fitness goals. If they start engaging in the group, liking posts, commenting etc they are ready for a Challenge group invite. If not don’t be afraid to reach out via messenger/email or whatever your preferred platform is. This literally puts it on a plate for them. Don’t just fire them a link across straight away either. Find out their WHY and then use it within the invite process. Is it to lose 2 stone for their holidays? Fit into their wedding dress for August? Feel fit and healthy again? Once they disclose their WHY and the barriers they’ve experienced in achieving them, send them a link to a suitable product such as a challenge pack.This is called permission based selling, use it wisely. It takes practice but you get better at it and it breeds confidence upon witnessing success
  3. The enrolment phase – Once they are raring to go enrol them in a challenge group and let them know you’ll be with them throughout the challenge, available to help and contactable online

Try this out and see what responses you get. Don’t be too discouraged if you don’t get immediate uptake. People take time and at the end of the day, some people just aren’t interested. No worries! Simply move on.

Day 10 – How to Enrol Customers

Task 1

Watch the following video.

Enrolling customers is actually very easy. It’s also a great opportunity to provide a high quality service as you help them choose the correct challenge pack (or other product), verify their order is submitted and processed, and answer questions. Basically, once a prospective customer buys any product or signs up for free registration using your unique coach ID, they become your customer. You’ll see them shortly afterwards within your online coach office under ‘My Customers’.

Task 2

Enrol through your coach website:

XXXX = your own coach ID

Task 3

Direct enrolment link:

XXXX = your own coach ID

Task 4

Switching to you from another coach:

Do they already have a coach assigned to them, but would like to switch their coach to you?

Click here to fill in a coach switch form. Beachbody coach relations will then organise the switch for you. Simple! 🙂

Task 5

Using Share a Cart:

Share a Cart is a really cool feature whereby you can create the customers order for them. So you have a consultation with them, then add all their requirements to the cart, send them an email. They simply review this and then click on the ‘complete’ purchase button.

Click here to view Share a Cart

Day 11 – Shakeology Product Training

Task 1

Watch the following video.

Task 2

Read the following Shakeology Product Training Guide:

Task 3

Check out the Shakeology FAQs

Click here for the Shakeology FAQs

Day 12 – General Product Training

Task 1

Watch the following video.

Task 2

Beachbody are adding products all the time, spend some time looking throughout the product training section of your coach back office.

Click here to access the online product training from your online coach office.

Task 3

You’ve already sampled the taste and benefits of Shakeology, and learned more about the product in the previous day’s training. Now it’s worth spending some time scouring through the workouts on Beachbody on Demand.

Click here to access the Beachbody on Demand Training guide

Learn how to align customers with products. For example, learn which of the products are;

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Require no equipment
  • Require weights, pull-up bar and bench
  • Learn how to sub in alternative items such as resistance bands for weights and pull-up bar, Swiss ball for a bench
  • Suitable for people who have mobility issues (not al but some) eg; PiYO
  • Great for people who love weight training, eg; Body Beast, P90X, Hard Labor etc
  • Great for people who love cardio, eg; Insanity, 22 Mins Hard Corps

You get the idea. Basically learn how to align people with the most suitable products for them. Keep them engaged too, this is crucial to their (and your) future success.

Once you have the following basic knowledge you’ll pick up more as you go:

  • Beachbody on Demand, the programs and how to align them with customers
  • Shakeology – the benefits and product information
  • Beachbody Performance Range – the benefits of taking these supplements and when to take them

Day 13 – Handling Objections

Task 1

Watch the following video.

Throughout your Beachbody coaching career, you’re going to experience objections, especially in the beginning. This is a fact. I actually look at objections in a positive light. Objections pave the way to telling you exactly what doesn’t work. The more you learn about your own target audience and the more you progress with your Beachbody business, you will become more confident and comfortable about sharing how great the products are, the opportunity is and the entire community is. It takes time and there is no exact template to follow other than experiencing it for yourself. Once you get some initial momentum, you’ll find it becomes rewarding when people eventually say YES! You become hardened to the rejections and you know that they lead you to the YES answers in the first place. Rejections do decrease in time too. If you ask any of our successful upline coaches, they’ll back me up here 100%.

Task 2

Read the advice below and revisit this page in future, use it as a reference point when overcoming these objections.

1) It’s too expensive

It’s important that you learn how to handle objections, especially ones that revolve around price, the most common objection that you will receive. Price of the programs, price of Challenge Packs, price of Shakeology, etc. are all common objections. This is where you learn how to present the VALUE to your prospects. Remember, the more confidence you have here the better, you’ll talk passionately about you own journey and the journey of your challenge group members.

Start by relating. Share your story or someone else’s on how this was a sacrifice but you made it work.  For me: “I totally understand how you feel. When I first started I said no 4 times because it was a stretch for us to pay for this. Being honest with myself though, I realised I didn’t want to make that “risk” because I was afraid this would be just another thing I would fail at. I was sceptical and was afraid it wouldn’t work. I ended up thinking well, let’s try this for a month and see where this takes me, so I did and the rest is history. When I studied the transformations from the US and tried it myself this became a no brainer. We stopped buying some other food items to cater for Shakeology and we actually end up saving money as a consequence while plug-in nutrient gaps we otherwise simply wouldn’t be able to do with conventional supermarket food, let alone the convenience.

Use this line but you will also mean it too….I just want you to know you can do this and I promise to be there every step of the way to help you. Do you think there are tweaks you could make in your grocery budget or some ways you could save so we can start your transformation? Would you be interested in the coach discount option?”

2) I already have a gym membership

Another common objection is the fascination with gym memberships, “I already have a gym membership.” This is where it is SO important to know your customer before you invite them. Maybe they have already expressed their frustration with losing weight. Maybe they have already told you that they are so busy, they can’t make it to the gym, or maybe they have told you already that they are struggling with seeing results.

Prospect: I already have a gym membership, so I can’t justify trying home workouts too

Me: Thats fine, however, are you happy with your results? What type of workouts are you doing at the gym?

Prospect: I usually go on the treadmill, and then a few weight machines in a circuit.

Me: I totally understand! I used to go to the gym as well, the last time I set foot in a public gym was 2005! I’d been going for years and years though. I did achieve some results but nowhere near what I achieve now.  I can totally see the frustration with spending so much time there, with poor results. The support is minimal there too, you find yourself just arbitrarily doing whatever you fancy at a snails pace. You might have a loose plan but that can change as soon as you see the equipment you want to use is too busy.

Thats actually the reason I switched over to Beachbody DVD’s years ago. It’s even better now with Beachbody on Demand. It is like I have my own personal trainer in my home. They walk me through what exercise to do, so I don’t have to guess what machines to do. It is also much cheaper than hiring a personal trainer, and so much better with my schedule. My ‘gym’ is accessible to me whenever I want…oh and without the fashion show too!

Alternatively, you might encounter someone who has a gym membership, and they love it. That is fine! Some people just need to get out of the house and into the gym. This is a huge part of understanding you wont convince everyone. Just let them know you’ll still be available should their circumstances change.

Don’t forget, you can always use the angle of doing Beachbody workouts at their gym, especially with everything being available on Beachbody on Demand. It’s not strange for people to be using their smart-phones in gyms these days, in-fact half of them seem to be posting on Facebook and Instagram more than they are training in the first place! So using Beachbody on Demand in the gym wouldn’t turn them into a social outcast at all.

If they are still against that, I would just have them stick with Shakeology HD! If someone is already seeing results with what they are doing at the gym, I never try to talk them out of it!

I just share how Shakeology and my challenge group can help them!

3) Why not just eat ‘real food’, I don’t believe in shakes

I felt the exact same way at first. I agree that getting healthy absolutely has to be something that you can continue with and keep doing. No quick fixes. In a perfect world, we would all be eating and juicing loads of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, eating clean proteins and carbs and have truckloads of exotic super foods delivered to our door daily to boost our health and internal eco-system. That’s not the norm and not sustainable long term. I don’t know about you but I need to blend all this with convenience too. If I can get a £3.60 (£2.70 for coaches) scoop of everything I need in once swoop without added chemicals, hours of prep and more expense then I’m going to take it!

Shakeology is a no brainer. You don’t have to think  about it, prep it, or anything else. You just take it and it has your nutrient bases covered, period. Don’t forget, this is one of your snacks or meals for the day, you still get to eat ‘real food’ too, don’t worry about that.

4) I’m not into fad diets

That’s SO good to know that you aren’t into doing fad “diets” and neither am I. So, let me give you a little background, Beachbody has been around since 1998, and P90X has been around since 2005. This isn’t a “quick fix” or “fad diet.” This is a way of life, being able to workout in your own home each day, with a daily dose of dense nutrition is how I LIVE. I don’t starve myself, I’ve learned to eat right and exercise and I’m trying to teach others the same thing. This is amazing right?

5) It sounds like a scam

When they ask if this is a scam. Ask them what do you mean by a scam? Most of the time people are jumping on the scam bandwaggon and  don’t even know what they mean! Once you get an answer, then you can get a clear take on what they are concerned with and how you need to answer. More often than not they will get a little confused themselves because they won’t even know how to answer. In that case, just leave it to them to answer when they’re ready and move on with the conversation.

When they do answer, take time to evaluate how to respond.

Mostly they want answers about the “pyramid scheme” thing. So explain that our business is structured with binary teams where everyone can make a great income and build a business, no matter when they sign up. We get paid by helping people, it’s a simple as that. Besides, pyramid schemes as such are illegal here in the UK. Yes, it’s a network marketing opportunity…but it is NOT a scheme, scam or anything of the sort.

Besides, the proof is in the pudding! There are a number of transformation photos and success stories to prove this isn’t a scam, from all types of coaches living all kinds of lives….including me, you and thousands of others.

Plus, what company out to scam people would provide a 30 Day money back guarantee? Clincher right there!

6) I don’t want to sound like a salesperson

I keep banging on about this but remember that you need to help people see that being a coach is about helping people. This is about meeting someones needs and requirements, helping them achieve their goals, their dreams…it’s 100% about caring. Don’t ever presume anyone. Focus on changing people’s lives whether they are customers or coaches.

Asking people to spend money can seem like a taboo subject. I felt exactly the same way at first. I quickly learned that what we do as coaches does change lives! Beachbody products really do work, we provide people with the most simple and doable fitness pathway to change their body, appearance, feelings, health and their lives! The most important factor to them isn’t the nutrition, or the workouts. It’s in fact YOU, their coach. As their coach you bring the value, accountability, care and assurances. Helping people through challenge groups and seeing their transformations is already the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

When you start receiving messages saying ” I would have packed in or quit if it wasn’t for you” you realise that you are helping and saving people, not selling.

This is all about them. You are offering solutions to their problems, also helping them to fit this into their busy lifestyles.

All you are doing is sharing. Share your journey, story, struggles, successes. This shows them they can relate to everything they’ve been you and then you simply invite them to join you! Simple!

7) I’m too busy, don’t have time

“It’s so crazy sometimes when you feel like you’re already spreading the jam too thin, I get that. What is it about your schedule that stresses you out the most right now?

Depending on who it is, you can stop there and wait for a response or keep going to reaffirm and connect that this doesn’t add to their worries, it actually fits in and provides stability. I also let them know I understand how they feel, don’t put them down for being busy!

“I know I don’t live your day to day routine, and I applaud you for being such a grafter. What I can tell you is that when I really became strict about living by a planner and scheduling out my days according to my priorities – life completely changed. I knew what my day looked like hour by hour and I set reminders, and I honoured those times. It’s just as important to me knowing when to leave my coaching business alone…as it is to fit in the work. Could you do one hour per day if I show you how? Sure, there are coaches who work hours daily on their business. However, there are just as many successful coaches who have steadily grown a great business by utilising just one hour a day. The key is to be consistent! Using the Asana app fro week one really helps me with this.

8) My partner objects to this

Quite often you’ll find that this is an excuse they place in front of you but the problem lies with them. You don’t want to persuade them to go against their spouses wishes. Ask them when their Birthday is… recommended they ask for it for a gift. Recommend that they start saving some a little bit at a time to go towards a Challenge Pack. Ultimately you don’t want to put stress on a relationship. More than likely they will keep watching you and decide that it’s important enough to introduce their partner to this way of life. To me it’s so important the people close to you understand your need to become fit and healthy. Some of them envy it but if they truly care about it they’ll respect you for doing it and hey….they may even become interested themselves. It’s very much a transitional process this one.

9) I don’t know anybody who’d be interested in this

That’s what you may think but everybody is your target audience. Remember when you wrote your initial list of 100 people to contact in week one? This is all you need. Don’t presume that somebody wont be interested.

10) I haven’t had good results to show yet, or I’m not at my goal weight

It’s rare that anyone is at their goal weight! In fact, you are more relatable if you aren’t but you’re still trying and achieving results. You network is far more interested in YOU losing weight or achieving your goals than seeing a random magazine cover person they don’t know with a six pack. This is all about being relatable and garnering trust.

Day 7 – Contact Your Coach

Hey….you’re not alone! Now would be a great time to get in touch with me regarding any questions you have after completing your second weeks worth of training.

Your coach’s contact details:

Simon Gittins – Founding UK Beachbody Coach

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