Beachbody Coach Training – Week 3 – Building Your Business


Day 15 – You Are the CEO
Day 16 – The Benefits of Reaching Emerald Status
Day 17 – Developing Brand YOU
Day 18 – Success Club
Day 19 – Treating Your Business Like a Business
Day 20 – Don’t Forget Your Own Fitness
Day 21 – Check-In With Your Coach


Day 15 – You are the CEO

You most certainly are the CEO of your own business now. Everything around you is a template.

  • The coach training I provide gives you ideas around what you could apply to succeed – a template
  • The business model of how many others succeed as coaches – a template
  • The simple long term fitness pathway you are providing for your customers – a template

Day 16 – The Benefits of Reaching Emerald Status

Straight out of the blocks, I always aim to have our new coaches to achieve Emerald Beachbody Coach status first.

An Emerald Beachbody Coach is the first leader rank you can get as a Beachbody Coach. Along with this rank comes many rewards, but also a great sense of responsibility with Team Immortal.  You are now a successful business owner, mentor, inspiration to others and a leader.

Even if you are still new and feeling  your way, those who have joined you in your journey are learning from your experience and journey, and that is really exciting, more exciting than you probably realise right now!

Task 1

Watch the following video.

 Task 2

Make sure you’re an active coach with 50PV per month. This means you are either buying or selling 50PV per month. Most coaches are drinking Shakeology daily to fuel their nutrition, which more than covers the 50PV requirement anyway. That’s it! Become active otherwise you’re not taking the business seriously.

Task 3

In order to achieve Emerald Rank, all you will need to do is have two Coaches join you (and become active with the 50PV requirement themselves). So long as your two Coaches are active, you will become and stay Emerald and reap the benefits. So adding your spouse and one other isn’t too difficult right? Don’t worry if you can’t right now, just dig your heels in and make this your priority.

Emerald Benefits

  • Customer Leads: Free customers from Beachbody. When someone orders from the Beachbody website or via TV, social media ads and so on…t hey assign these customers to a Coach to help them achieve their goals. These coaches are Emerald rank and higher. The best thing about this is any future purchases they make entitle you to a 25% commission!
    • In order to get Customer Leads:
      • Be an Emerald Beachbody Coach
      • Be Active with at least 50 PV of personal volume
      • Hit Success Club 5 (I’ll explain about this later)
  • Team Cycle Bonus: Emerald Coaches earn £14 each time their team creates a cycle. This may not seem like a lot, but it adds up quickly and cycles over and over again.

Day 17 – Developing Brand YOU

Task 1

Watch the following video:

Task 2

Following on from the video, read the following ideas on how to develop brand YOU.

You need to use all these tools wisely but here’s the really cool part. You absolutely need to inject YOU into the picture in a big way. People buy into people, not products. This is especially true in the health and fitness niche. How you run your business must come from your own heart. Here are some example ideas;

  • Are you a social media rockstar? Perhaps you’re hooked into all the channels and seem to organically enjoy posting anyway? Plenty of coaches use this route and have great success with it. You could run your entire business around posting and inviting using nothing but social media.
  • Do you like to actively talk to people? Remember when people used to meet face to face? Well they still do! Word of mouth is still a hugely successful business angle. As a CEO of your own business this is very much a business to consumer orientated niche. In fact it’s almost a consumer to consumer niche as you’re a consumer of the products too. Talk to people, work the local market, use your organic network to reach out and ask for referrals. This could be a good path based on your own skill-set.
  • Does your experience or job history give you an advantage? I have a history in digital design and marketing, so I utilise that to create digital tools….like this website! I also create banners useful for social media and host of other technical (kind word for geeky) uses. Perhaps you have a sales or marketing background? Perhaps you work for a recruitment agency? Perhaps you’re a fitness professional. What if you work in a large scale office environment? This provides instant access to a lot of people! In essence, use what you have and build around that to learn how to get the most out of your coach environment.

Day 18 – Success Club

Achieving success club qualification is basically a case of helping just 3 people per month. If you qualify for success club it’s a great sign that you’re doing things right as a Beachbody Coach.

Task 1

Watch the following video

Task 2

Understand the following:

How to qualify for success club

  • You need to have at least 90 subscription PV and/or autoship order(s) produced by you. (ex: Enroll yourself on Shakeology subscription and drink it daily)
  • Success Club 5: 5 Success Club points required (helping 3 people per month)
  • Success Club 10: 10 Success Club points required (helping 5 people per month)

How to earn


  • 2 points when a Customer purchases any subscription product (including Challenge Packs) that has 90 or more PV points.
  • 1 point when a Customer purchases multiple subscription products that, when combined, total a minimum of 90 PV points.

New Coaches

  • 2 points when a new Personally Sponsored Coach purchases a subscription product (including Challenge Packs) that has 90 or more PV points within 31 days of enrolment as a Coach.
  • 1 point when a new Personally Sponsored Coach purchases multiple subscription products that when combined, total a minimum of 90 PV points, within 31 days of enrolment as a Coach.

What you’ll earn

Same for both Success Club 5 or 10.

  • World-class recognition
  • Monthly Rewards
  • Eligibility for customer lead programmes (includes Shakeology Customer Lead Programme and Success Club Lead Programme)
  • Every month you qualify for Success Club 5 or 10, you’ll be one month closer to earning trip rewards
  • Eligibility for Elite, Premiere, Top Coach of the Year, and Elite Adventure

Task 3

Click here to read the success club FAQs

Day 19 – Treating Your Business Like a Business

This is a very important topic. I’m very much treating my business like a business. So we’re not talking about discount coaches here. This is for part time extra earners or all in full time business builders.

A business needs to have the following elements in order to thrive and succeed;

  • Time management
  • Investment
  • Return on that investment
  • Efficient cash flow

Task 1

Watch the following video of me talking about how to treat your business like a business.

Day 20 – Don’t Forget Your Own Fitness

When pushed….and only when pushed Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler explains that pinpointing one of the 4 vital behaviours as the most important is almost impossible. He did eventually concede that the power of sharing your own story, or being proof the products work is probably the most important of the 4 vital behaviours.

But….you can’t have the power of your own story if you forget about your own fitness journey right? Be true to yourself and keep pushing play every day. This is how you’ve reached this point in your fitness lifestyle and your accountability is through the roof right now, in a good way of course. Support others but don’t forget to support yourself!

Task 1

Keep doing your workouts and sharing that you’ve done so with others!

Task 2

Watch the following video.

Day 21 – Contact Your Coach

Hey….you’re not alone! Now would be a great time to get in touch with me regarding any questions you have after completing your third weeks worth of training.

Your coach’s contact details:

Simon Gittins – Founding UK Beachbody Coach

Mobile: 0794 130 3842

Contact me using your preferred media choice, click on the buttons below.

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