Beachbody Coaching – The Story So Far

This post is pretty much a journal for my own records and personal viewing. I also figured for any prospective coaches out there it might help to see some real time updates as to what it’s like to become a Beachbody Coach. This journey is different for every coach of course but hey, I can only crash my personal experiences down. For anybody else who’s reading this, I’ll lead you into my diary by pointing out a great Bruce Lee quote:

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own”

My Beachbody Timeline

October 2017

On 19th October 2017 the coaching opportunity opened in the UK and I signed up straight away. I was officially the 9th UK coach to sign-up.

Key Activities:

  • 19th October – I signed up as a coach. I also signed up my wife Diane as a coach as well as one other coach, so effectively I had two other coaches in my downline from day one
  • 20th October – Travelled down to London to meet David Tyler Martin and Karin Lobo, my upline coach sponsors. We’ve known each other for 7 years, albeit just online. It was lovely to finally meet them both. We had a lovely meal up on the rooftop terrace of the Hilton Hotel.
  • I spent the rest of October familiarising myself with the online coaching office, training tools and taking advice from the Beachbody UK coaching group

November 2017

Key Activities:

  • I had a long standing Facebook group, the original Team Immortal group. The group provided a great platform for my fitness journey and I ran it for 7 years. That’s a pretty decent run for one Facebook group! I decided it had become a bit fragmented and stale, so I ended up clearing the group out. I  still have it on a back burner to use as a coach training group, coaching sneak peak group or something similar. I’ll unravel that puzzle at another time.
  • It was time for a fresh group, so I created the Get Lean 2018 Facebook group. The idea behind this group was simple. Myself and Diane decided to add our friends and family members to the group. We were also joined by some Beachbody and fitness enthusiasts who were active from the Team Immortal group. Our ethos behind this group is very simple. In fact our entire ethos around becoming Beachbody coaches is simple too. This is what we wanted to create;
    • A simple fitness pathway for EVERYBODY, not just fitness enthusiasts
    • A safe environment for both beginners and those with experience using Beachbody programs
    • A platform for sharing and learning, for ourselves and others
    • A free and general interest group, to allow people to become familiar with what we do, how we do it and more importantly, how they can do it too
  • We spent the rest of November populating this group

get lean 2018

December 2017

Key Activities:

  • What can I say about December? I always love to party during this month and Beachbody wise, let’s just say…..I was working on my brand new before picture! 😉
  • We also spent December populating the Get Lean 2018 group.
  • As a coach, you use your own diligence and draw from any skills you may have. As a digital designer for many years, I utilised this to create several graphics and also start populating this very website with content.
  • I became familiar with the Challenge Tracker app and portal you are given access to. I decided to create monthly challenge groups via the Challenge tracker, using the Get Lean 2018 group along with other social media channels to draw interest towards our first Challenge Group, Happy New You. Obviously this group was geared towards starting on Jan 1st 2018
  • Other than preparation work, I pretty much parked the business side of my Beachbody Coaching ready for a January launch. Right or wrong business wise, this suited me as we had a lot going on at home and family wise at the time. This is key, you are effectively your own CEO, so YOU call the shots and fit coaching around your lifestyle. I also have a full time job so this had to be the case for me personally.
  • I syndicated Happy New You graphics on my social media channels and started to accrue customers in my Beachbody back office. The challenge group also filled up pretty quickly! Great news 😉

happy new you

January 2018

Key Activities:

  • The launch of Happy New You!
  • My Challenge Tracker is awesome!!
  • The challenge group gets off to a flyer, members love it, we all lose multiple lbs and inches! Wow, just wow!!
  • The Get Lean 2018 group really begins to become active too. January is obviously a busy time for fitness, resolutions etc so everything became really busy.
  • See screen grabs below, 110 notifications waiting for me on the Challenge Tracker app!
  • The statistics, simplicity and private environment make the Challenge Tracker app excellent in my opinion
  • Another few coaches sign up!
  • I become an emerald coach, which means I officially move up the rankings within the Beachbody network
  • I also qualify for success club, which means Beachbody start to give me customers!


beachbody uk before after

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