Beachbody UK Coaching FAQs

  • beachbody uk coaching faqs

The launch of the Beachbody coaching network is a huge business opportunity, as well as the obvious lifestyle and wellbeing benefits. Below I’ve outlined some key Frequently Asked Questions in order to help point potential coaches in the right direction.

General UK Beachbody Coaching FAQs

How much of a discount will I get on my own Beachbody products?2017-08-04T11:19:13+00:00

As a UK Beachbody Coach, you will receive a whopping 25% discount on all Beachbody products available in the Team Beachbody store. In fact, I know some coaches who sign up for this reason alone, they are more ‘hobby coaches’ who love using Beachbody products and maybe sharing them with a select bunch of their own friends. Whatever your approach to coaching may be, 25% discount is a great incentive.

How does Beachbody promote its products?2017-08-04T11:11:10+00:00

Now were’ talking! Beachbody currently spend millions of dollars advertising their home fitness regimes on US and Canadian TV networks. There’s been a trickle of advertising through to the UK but you just wait until the official launch on 19th October here in the UK. P90X, Insanity, Bodybeast etc will literally EXPLODE onto our screens here in the UK. That’s why it’s important to jump on this opportunity as early as possible.Beachbody use TV commercials, magazines and a host of online marketing techniques to promote their already highly successful product range. For every commercial displayed, they receive thousands of new customers. Beachbody (and I) want those customers to go through YOUR store, so you get commision for those sales 🙂

Is it easy to set up my website?2017-08-04T11:01:30+00:00

Setting up your Beachbody Coach website is really easy. Beachbody provide you with an easy editing system allowing you to add text and photos, or just use theirs. There are also a great deal of marketing banners to help further promote your website and Beachbody products.

Also, remember this is where I can take this to a whole new level for you! On top of your regular Beachbody Coach website I can help with bespoke website setup, social media accounts, marketing awareness, digital strategies, email marketing lists and so on. Don’t worry though, all at your own pace. The marketing tools provided are great but if/when you want to amplify your presence, that’s my area of expertise and I’ll help you all the way.

Will I have to handle products, stock, billing, delivery and customer service?2017-08-04T10:50:34+00:00

Absolutely not! When customers purchase products through your own website, Beachbody take care of all the fulfilment issues and basically handle everything else.

Will I need to purchase products and resell them?2017-08-04T10:45:26+00:00

Good news! The coaching opportunity contains no obligation to buy products, however if you do want to purchase products for your own resale, you’ll get them at a significant discount as a coach.

Will I Receive Help and Support?2017-08-04T10:36:53+00:00

When you become a Beachbody Coach, you’ll be part of a 400,000+ strong coaching network. There are many highly successful coaches around, some who have made millions of dollars via the coaching network.

Of course, I’ll personally be there with you all the way to ensure you succeed! 😉

You’ll also have access to your own personal online office, including your sales website and email account. This contains your ‘marketing in a box’ tools, extensive training guides and videos. You don’t have to be a professional marketer in order to succeed as a Beachbody Coach. As an extra layer of support I actually am a professional online marketer, so you have it covered both ways! I’d be your coach and rest assured I’ll guide you all the way and provide the ultimate support and guidance.

Do I need to be a Salesperson or Fitness Expert?2017-08-03T16:00:48+00:00

Absolutely not. All you have to do is lead by example and practice what you preach. Demonstrate you achieve results via your Beachbody workouts and products. Your target audience is vast and varied, literally everybody wants to lose weight, get fit and achieve optimum health. The Beachbody ethos and products can get them there and they have thousands of success stories to prove it. (I’m one of them and you will be too!) All you do is provide support and encouragement, ensuring people achieve their desired fitness goals.

Will it cost me anything to start?2017-08-03T15:54:43+00:00

There will be certain fees initially, including Business Service Fees and your own Coach Business Kit. This includes everything you need to start earning an income. In the US this fee is $39.99, so I’d imagine it’ll be between £30 and £40 here in the UK.

How would I earn money?2017-08-03T11:23:58+00:00

You earn money when people sign up to club memberships and buy Beachbody products through your own personal website. Cash bonuses are also awarded based on your team’s sales.

What is the Beachbody UK Coach Opportunity?2017-08-03T11:13:42+00:00

The Beachbody UK coaching opportunity is a replica of the US model which has been running for many years. If you’re interested in turning people’s fitness and physique goals into profit, then coaching could be for you. You earn money by using and endorsing Beachbody’s amazing range of best-selling fitness products. You are rewarded by helping others to achieve their fitness, fat loss and muscle building goals!

Why Choose Si to become your Beachbody Coach?

What makes Team Immortal succeed?2017-08-04T12:01:17+00:00
  • Team Immortal has been running since 2011 and is already brimming with coaches, physique competitors, nutrition nerds, fitness enthusiasts and regular guys/girls who are currently shaping up. There are also plenty of previously unfit people who decided to positively change their lives.
  • Team Immortal is the go to UK marketing leg for one of the largest existing US coaching networks in the entire Beachbody network. I’ve known my upline coach since 2011 and met him personally. He’s a fantastic inspirational guy and completely driven by the Beachbody cause. Our team already has 170,000 out of the entire 400,000 coaches in our network. Just take that in for a second!
  • Trust me, this is going to become even more massive than it already is! 😉
How will Team Immortal support me?2017-08-04T11:37:08+00:00

I will personally support you from inception of signing up as a Beachbody Coach. I will help you with the following;

  • Support through your own fitness journey
  • I’ll be there, day by day, week by week, working out using the same products and techniques as you
  • Help with the coaching network and ‘lining up your marketing ducks’
  • Support with digital tools, graphics and all your creative needs (I have a 26 year history working as a digital designer and online marketing expert)
  • Help you to grow your own team to become as large as you want it to be
  • There’s not just myself, Team Immortal has been running for 7 years and is full of members and coaches who’ve tried the workouts and literally have the T-shirts (complete with sweat!)


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