A huge misconception in fitness and coaching is that we all ‘must adapt the same mindset’.

Maybe I have this wrong but I’ve never felt more unique and individual. Sure I advise on certain templates to use to point people in the right direction but fitness, along with personal development is about discovering yourself.

Let me provide some clear examples from my own experience.

Fitness Misconception #1 – Fitness is for the few

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The trouble is, what springs to mind are the magazine cover types and the entire advertising monster propelling how ‘people should look’. That’s why so many people moan all the time! They give up before they have even started! Fitness is for EVERYBODY. You just have to decide to give it a go. You have strength inside you, you just need to push it to the top and utilise it. Remember, everybody has a story and everybody has a day 1.

Fitness Misconception #2 – Too many sacrifices are required

People are capable of developing in two ways, mentally and physically. Fitness provides both of these wrapped up in one large positive package. Using myself as an example here’s my typical routine;

  • I workout 30 mins 5 times per week
  • I keep week days as healthy as possible without being too regimental about it

Now the flip side:

  • I drink beer every weekend, including some complete blowouts, I’m talking carnage central!
  • I eat pizza, chips and crisps
  • I enjoy life’s pleasures

Here’s what I find:

  • My mind and body benefits (despite allowing blowouts)
  • I’m in control of the small things, therefore some of life’s bigger problems seem more manageable
  • I’m never far away from my next treat, I’ve just found a sweet spot and that all important word….balance
  • I’ve discovered what works for me
  • The only sacrifice I now fear is to stop doing what I do

Fitness Misconception #3 – It costs too much money

  • Everyone has a budget
  • In life’s balance, how important is your health and fitness?
  • Mental and physical development can teach you how to improve your fitness, lifestyle and even your budget. There are different levels I can teach you about this but for now let’s keep this simple. You can start free or you can invest in yourself. The choice is yours until you not only trust me…but far more importantly you trust YOURSELF.

Fitness Misconception #4 – It’s not for busy people

  • My daily development means I manage time much more efficiently than I used to
  • EVERYBODY feels like their own troubles are more important than everybody else’s. they are, as they are unique to YOU
  • 30 mins, 4 or 5 times per week. If you seriously feel you can’t fit that in, you need it more than you think
  • Try a week, that’s all I ask. Give me a week and I’ll give you all the time I have to make this work for you

As a coach, I also receive many objections and assumptions that this is a closed box to some people.

Coach Misconception #1 – You have to be mega fit in the first place

  • Coaching is a great way of staying accountable. Not necessarily because ‘the people are watching’ but more on how much to learn to respect yourself
  • Everybody has work to do on themselves and they always will
  • Beachbody coaching is a pathway for all walks of life, regardless of your physical or mental background

Coach Misconception #2 – You need a huge network of people

  • Share what you do, that’s it. Your network will grow and their connection with you will be real
  • You don’t need a huge network of people at all. If you get a few people interested, that’s extremely fulfilling and rewarding. In turn, they might each get a few people interested….and that’s how this business grows

Coach Misconception #3 – You need to bug people by cold calling or messaging

  • No, no and no
  • I tried this at first as my initial reaction as a coach was to do what has worked for other people
  • I realised that this just isn’t a great fit for me, so I only focus on people who are already interested
  • My channel is mainly this website as it’s a great fit for me and what I enjoy doing
  • The beauty about running your own coaching business is that you choose exactly how to run it
  • Nowadays people find me and I’m just waiting to help them, simple really!

Coach Misconception #4 – You need to attend events and travel

  • This is a big one for me and one I initially struggled to get my head around
  • If you love to travel and attend events, there are loads of events like Super Saturday, Beachbody Summit, cruises, success club prizes and so on. Great if this is what you love doing
  • Personally, I’m not really interested in attending events. I’m always willing to change when the time is right but for now, events are a future possibility but not a current reality for me
  • Some people require one to one interaction, group ‘herding’ and and the whoop whoop kind of stuff that goes with it. That’s just not me
  • I’m happy to run monthly challenge groups, talk to people about how we can keep them accountable, line them up with fitness routines based on their goals and advise them on how to make nutrition work for them. I don’t need to attend events to do this

Take Home Points

Fitness and coaching comprises of individuals. We can take strength from other people when it helps and discard what doesn’t interest us. It really is as simple as that. This is why it works so well.

Don’t become the person you feel you’re forced to become. There are always options. Again I’ll use myself as an example, I’m quirky, perhaps a bit awkward at times and not great at conforming to a set of rules. Hey, we are all human and all of the above are reasons why coaching is a great fit for me! 😉

I’ll leave you with this Steve Job quote as he says it far better than I could: