Winter Boom Challenge


Who's ready for a winter push? My goal during winter is to pack on as much muscle as possible ready to

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Sue’s Story


From the lovely lady herself, In Sue's words: I joined a group that Simon ran years ago when I just started with

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Operation Tough Love


Operation Tough Love I've been feeling philosophical about fitness lately. I'm lucky in a way that I have etched my belief

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Jamie’s Story


Jamie is part of our team and shares my own values when it comes to health and fitness. Jamie turns up

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Post Holiday Carnage Update


We've just returned from an absolutely AMAZING two week holiday. As you can see by the photo, I filled my boots!

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Weekend Update – Holiday Time


Weekend Update What’s up Team Immortal? Just before we embark on our summer holidays, I've just completed week 1 of LIIFT4.

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Weekend Update – Friday 13th


Weekend Update What’s up Team Immortal? I'm not going to lie, it's been a difficult week personally for our family. We

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Weekend Update


Weekend Update What’s up Team Immortal? Another week is done and it’s FRIDAY! I continuously ask you all about the following;

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LIIFT4 Body Beast Hybrid


I know....I know, I'm racing way ahead of the game but I couldn't help it! I created this LIIFT4 Body Beast

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LIIFT4 Specialist Trainer


I'm a Specialist LIIFT4 Trainer That's right, LIIFT4 isn't even out yet and I'm a specialist LIIFT4 trainer. I'm currently doing

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