Body Beast

Transform 20 Body Beast Hybrid


I don't know about you but hybrids fire me up. Different trainers, different levels of intensity and a combination of approaches.

Transform 20 Body Beast Hybrid2019-04-17T12:00:45+01:00

LIIFT4 Body Beast Hybrid


I know....I know, I'm racing way ahead of the game but I couldn't help it! I created this LIIFT4 Body Beast

LIIFT4 Body Beast Hybrid2018-07-06T10:31:36+01:00

Body Beast – Challenge Packs


Ready to Get Started with Body Beast? Choose one of the options below and I'll automatically become your free personal Body

Body Beast – Challenge Packs2018-06-27T22:51:19+01:00

Core De Beast Hybrid


To continue the Summer Shred, I've created this little beauty.....Core De Beast! Requirements Equipment Beachbody on

Core De Beast Hybrid2018-09-14T15:50:03+01:00

Body Beast – Everything You Need To Know


Requirements Equipment Beachbody on Demand A set of dumbbells A Bench or Swiss ball Other key info Intermediate

Body Beast – Everything You Need To Know2018-06-27T21:35:43+01:00

Body Beast day 89, FINAL DAY and final thoughts.


Well, the moment has arrived, I've gone from day 1, Body Beast Build Chest and Triceps right through to my final day,

Body Beast day 89, FINAL DAY and final thoughts.2018-03-26T16:30:04+01:00

Body Beast Day 88, Build Chest and Triceps


Chest and triceps with Iron Mike Tyson! Well, not quite but after having the honour of meeting the guy on Tuesday

Body Beast Day 88, Build Chest and Triceps2018-03-26T16:30:29+01:00

Body Beast Day 87, Cardio


A bit of calendar switching has been required this week. I'm actually going to have a go at playing badminton tonight

Body Beast Day 87, Cardio2018-03-26T16:30:57+01:00

Body Beast Day 86, Build Shoulders


This was the third time my shoulders have been hit directly in four days. Body Beast Build Shoulders and Sagi Six

Body Beast Day 86, Build Shoulders2018-03-26T16:31:23+01:00