Coach Ranking Benefits Explained – Coach, Active & Emerald

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Coach Rankings  – Coach, Active & Emerald

As a new coach, you’d start your first week as INACTIVE. However, if you purchased a challenge pack during the sign-up process, the Beachbody coach office will display you as ACTIVE the next time the overall system is updated. The Beachbody coach office and system is updated every Wednesday and checks to see if each coach has bought or sold at least 50 PV (Personal Volume) during the last 35 days. You can see how many PV points each product is worth within the Team Beachbody Shop area (while logged into your account) or on the UK price list.

As a coach, you earn PV points whether you buy a product for yourself, or if someone buys it from your Beachbody shop, website or link. If you have 50 PVs, the system will post your new ACTIVE status (or higher coach rank status) the next time the system updates. So, even if you bought or sold 50 PV worth of merchandise today, it would stay INACTIVE until Thursday after the update occurs.

So, what does INACTIVE really mean?

If you’re INACTIVE you still receive commissions on sales that you make and you’re still a coach. However being inactive is a sign you’re not progressing with the Beachbody coaching experience and certainly not getting the most out of it.

If you’re not using the workouts, drinking Shakeology or using any other products you’re not likely to be talking about them or posting about your great success story. If you fully immerse yourself in the Beachbody experience and lifestyle, you will be talking about them, posting about them and sharing your experience with everybody you know.

What are Discount Coaches?

To build your Beachbody business you need to remain active. However, some people start off as a ‘discount coach’ by simply joining in order to receive 25% discount on all the great Beachbody products. If this is the case, staying active isn’t really important. Many coaches start off this way to feel their way around, then become active at a later date. Others are simply happy to remain as a discount coach.

Why is being ACTIVE really that important?

When you reach EMERALD rank, this means you are ACTIVE and you have two other personally sponsored coaches in your downline who are also ACTIVE, one on each leg or side in your downline. Becoming EMERALD is the first level of real business in terms of earnings as a coach. Achieving Emerald is actually quite simple. If you have two family members, such as you spouse and another close member, placing one family member in each leg of your downline would allow you to reach EMERALD rank, remember they would both have to be active with 50 PV worth of products in 35 days. If one member suddenly becomes INACTIVE by dropping below to 5oPV requirement in 35 days, this isn’t a big deal as such but you would lose your carryover volume when you drop back down to coach status. You can cover this of course by having more coaches under you, the more the merrier in terms of becoming easier to maintain your rank and indeed climb higher. Plus, if you’re using products each month and have regular customers it’s really easy to remain ACTIVE.

Being Emerald means you are ACTIVE and you have at least two coaches under you that are also ACTIVE (one on each side in your downline). So, you could become Emerald right away, but have a coach who hasn’t bought or sold 50 PV worth of product in 35 days and drop out of Emerald status. Not a show-stopper, but you DO lose your carryover volume when you drop back down to Coach status. The more coaches you have, the easier it is to maintain your rank and go higher. Plus, if you’re using products yourself each month, and/or have a regular customer base that grows each month, your status remains ACTIVE easily.

In Summary, the Main Benefits of Becoming Emerald Are:

  1. It’s the first step in receiving automatic customer leads from Beachbody. The second step is earning success club where customers are assigned to you
  2. You become eligible for team cycle bonuses. As your team grows and their teams grow, your team cycle bonus grows with the entire team under you.

All of this for having ONLY 2 ACTIVE COACHES?!


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