Enjoy Beer and Still Get Six Pack Abs

The Ultimate Alcohol Guide – How To Enjoy Beer and Still Get Six Pack Abs

I’ve been waiting a long time to write this article about beer and abs.

Achieving the six pack ab look whilst still leading a balanced life, enjoying one of life’s finest pleasures, beer may not be as complicated as you think.

The Reason I Drink Beer

I’m certainly not perfect, I have worries, flaws, things I need to improve on and yadda yadda…..pretty much like everyone else. I’m an average guy, I work hard through the week and love to relax with family and friends at weekends. Some of this relaxation involves beer, I just love to drink beer! As well as tasting nice it helps me to relax and makes me act a bit silly sometimes, remembering to have a laugh and reminding myself I’m a human being. I find it to be a good social leveller and again, it’s just fun! Banning certain food types, alcohol or treats permanently just isn’t worth the sacrifice in my opinion, also leading to diet breakdown and emotional mayhem. All in life’s balance I tell thee! 😉

Beer and Abs – Points and Facts To Get You Started

  1. Diet adherence is key to keeping in shape and making this a permanent lifestyle change.
  2. Learn how to make your guilty pleasures work for you and include them in your plan.
  3. Beer, cider, shots, cocktails, wine….it can all be part of your overall plan.
  4. Alcohol contains calories but doesn’t make you fat by itself.
  5. When alcohol is consumed, it becomes the priority substance in your body as your body treats alcohol as being toxic.
  6. Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, while carbohydrates and protein both provide only 4 calories per gram. Fat provides 9 calories per gram but even so, alcohol is your body’s preferred fuel source which is why you must burn off all your alcohol calories before you start burning calories from the food you eat. This is the reason it can inhibit fat burning if you consume too much fat and go too far over your caloric intake because of your night out.
  7. I repeat, all current fat burning will stop until your alcohol calories have been burned off.
  8. One caveat to applying rules of thumb is that alcohol can trigger emotional food cravings. This is natural and something that has definitely caught me out before. Just be aware that you’ll get better at it. I love going to football matches with my mates. Part of this process involves the consumption of several beers. I often take a break for half an hour during match days and go and grab a Subway. Bear with me here! I choose wheatbread and turkey and ham with salad. Pretty decent calorie and macro wise, minimal fat. Alternatively I could opt for a match day burger. Needless to say this would not be the ideal option!

Tips For Drinking Alcohol And Preventing Fat Gain

  1. Try to keep fat intake on your drinking day as low as possible. If the drinking pushes you over your maintenance calories for the day, you will store all fat consumed during this day. Unfortunately, this means the post alcohol pizza or double cheese burger becomes difficult to include!
  2. Make sure you still hit your protein intake for the day. An end of night plain chicken kebab with salad and pitta bread would be a decent option.
  3. Don’t count alcohol calories at the time. There’d be nothing worse than whipping out your phone during a heavy night out and attempting to punch in each drink! Not to mention social suicide with your pals. Instead try guessing your consumption beforehand. If this means entering 6 pints of beer, 3 jaeger bomb shots and a chicken kebab earlier in the day before a night out, then so be it. You may not be 100% accurate but you’ll still have accountability. Subconsciously, you’ll remember about the chicken kebab too, helping you to stay on course.
  4. If your favourite drinks contain mixers and spirits, try making your drinking day/night a rest day.
  5. If you drink beer, ale or cider, make this a training day. You will need to account for and use some the carbs as well as the alcohol calories.

Alcohol FAQs

Q. Can I get ripped and still enjoy alcohol?

Absolutely. So long as it forms part of your calorie and macro plan. You can enjoy beer and still get six pack abs, or indeed whatever your favourite drink is. Even if you have a blow out, your overall plan wont be shattered because of it, so long as you don’t go on a downer and continue to blowout because of it. Simply accept it, string a good few days worth of clean eating together and you’ll be fine. It’s impossible to get ripped in one day, it’s also impossible to completely destroy it in one day. Be at ease with the fact you like a drink or two, don’t fight it otherwise it’ll come back to haunt you. If you try to fight it, you’ll end up miserable when you don’t drink and even more miserable when you do. If you accept it and plan for it, you’ll look forward to it and enjoy it all the more when Friday night (or whenever your party time) comes around.

Q. Alcohol and health. Surely it’s all bad right?

Not entirely. The purpose of this post isn’t to sensibly address and analyse the overall health risks of consuming alcohol. However, it ain’t all bad. Would you believe that moderate alcohol consumption can actually improve insulin sensitivity? Well it’s true, alcohol can also help to help prevent certain disease types including cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis and depression. Yes really! I must highlight the word moderation here. Government statements and mainstream press articles will always conflict against this, as it’s harder for the mainstream population to understand. They have to consider alcohol abuse and a host of behaviour related problems. In other words the bigger picture. However, we’re talking about something different altogether. Assuming we are not going to abuse alcohol here, we are simply highlighting the moderate consumption benefits, especially when combined with an optimised diet plan and a smart training routine. Again, it certainly isn’t all bad news. If you achieve the beer and abs look, you’re doing your body far more good in the overall scheme of things than most people.

Q. Does alcohol lower testosterone?

Yes, but not as significantly as the industry would have you believe. A three week study in both men and women unearthed that moderate alcohol consumption decreased testosterone by 6.8%. That’s based on three beers per day for three weeks and only a 6.8% reduction in testosterone. That sort of decrease surely wont put me off!

Q. After a night out, I appear leaner and weigh less. Why?

This is an added bonus, a night out allows you to experience the whoosh effect. Alcohol dehydrates your body. Getting rid of excess water and starting again actually motivating in a strange sort of way. For me it’s the perfect ying and yang. Week days are spent drinking copious amounts of water and diet is 99% on point. At weekends I follow the rules of thumb above (well..most of the time) and all of this keeps my body guessing. I like to call it ‘cyclical mayhem’ as that’s exactly what it is. Enjoy the beer and abs whoosh effect…so long as your hangover isn’t too bad 😉

Q. This all sounds good…but what happens if I just want to get smashed regardless? I want to have 100% fun!

OK, now we are getting somewhere! If you feel like this now and again then absolutely go for it. Maybe you have a forthcoming big game to go to, stag/hen do, wedding, weekend away, holiday….dare I say it break up? Whatever the occasion, sh*t happens right? So you want nutritional freedom huh? Kind of an indecent proposal of the consumption kind 😉 Pay for it later but at the time just go for it. At the time of writing this, I’m 43 years old. To be fair, there are three or four occasions each year to which I award myself a complete carte blanche nutrition wise. Long term diet adherence wise, these times are 100% necessary.

The beer and abs tips outlined here are to be followed 90% of the time, such as weekends and frequent drinking episodes. However, the way I figure it, around four weeks of the year, carte blanche freedom applies. Four out of fifty two is still a good ratio which works in my favour right? Remember, this site is aimed at people who want great results, even realistic six pack ripped results. However, we ain’t getting on stage right? that shizzle is for people who take things (and sacrifices) to a whole new level. Sssshhhhhhhh, keep this quiet…but I bet we have way more fun than they do! Once your occasion is over, you know what to do. Don’t use it as an excuse to go ape beyond the occasion itself. Try and go three or four days at low cal/carb, 30-40% under maintenance calories regardless of training and rest days. Drink plenty of water and you’ll correct your wrongs in no time. Beer and abs = mission possible!

Check out the complete nutrition guide. I use this tool to work out the bigger calorie and macros picture, allowing me to fully maintain the beer and abs look. Good luck 😉

There are more benefits to drinking beer than you think, just try to stay careful and within the beer and abs boundaries of reason…most of the time anyway!




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