LIIFT4 Chest & Triceps 50/50 Thoughts

The first half of this workout is dedicated to resistance training, supersetting your chest with your triceps. The second half is dedicated to HIIT cardio, hence 50/50, he’s a bright chap Joel Freeman you know 😉 You’ll then finish with core supersets

Workout length:
39 minutes

All you need is dumbbells or resistance bands. No setup time required other than scraping yourself up off the floor towards the end! I LOVE the ethos of this type of workout. We all know by no that HIIT torches fat. We also know resistance training and building/maintaining muscle helps to burn fat and carve us the physique we crave right? This workout peels back to a really strong ethos yet simple, compound moves. Early days but I can see this one being a keeper. As you can see by the photo, I’m like burnt toast after that!

LIIFT4 sweat after the core training block!

I seriously haven’t sweat like this since the early Asylum days.

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