LIIFT4 Back & Biceps Thoughts

Just to explain the few different workout formats within LIIFT4 here they are below. Also, each and every workout has a completely different video, so it’s a new experience every single day for 60 days. I love this format.

  1. LIIFT 50/50. Half of the workout dedicated to resistance training, the second half of the workout dedicated to HIIT.
  2. Circuit. Resistance only training
  3. LIIFT Intervals. You’ll cycle between resistance moves and cardio moves.
  4. HIIT. Cardio only training.

Workout length:
35 minutes

Again, all you need is dumbbells or resistance bands. This one hurt…. a lot. I’m actually writing this review a day after I performed it. I’ve just posted in our group that I NEVER have biceps DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) but a day after this workout I’m walking around like Robocop! That’s a great sign indeed. I love a workout that majors on the majors and doesn’t get caught up with trying to be too different and quirky. This is almost old school exercise wise but with a very modern approach to the ethos of training. LIIFT4 is amazing….and this is after just day 2.

LIIFT4 Action Shots!

More sore than Wee Jock McSore from Sore Land!

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