LIIFT4 Legs 50/50 Thoughts

Workout length:
40 minutes

I’m now 5 weeks into LIIFT4. This one felt brutal! Note the ass to grass technique for squats. Dumbbells are great for allowing me to achieve this posture. I never really could achieve this with barbells. This is how the usual 50/50 format unfolded (literally) my legs this morning:

Supersets x 3
Leg exercise 1 (x 10 reps)
Leg exercise 2 (x 10 reps)

Supersets x 3
Leg exercise 3 (x 10 reps)
Leg exercise 4 (x 10 reps)

Supersets x 3
Leg exercise 5 (x 10 reps)
Leg exercise 6 (x 10 reps)

HIIT Supersets x 3
HIIT exercise 1 (x 60 seconds)
HIIT exercise 2 (x 45 seconds)
HIIT exercise 3 (x 30 seconds)

Core Supersets x 3
Abs/core exercise 1 (x 30 seconds)
Abs/core exercise 2 (x 30 seconds)

I’m done for the week! Oh and if I ever see 3 bears together, I’ll stand toe to toe with them and curse them for the triple bear exercise!

LIIFT4 Legs Action Shots!

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