LIIFT4 Nutrition

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What is the LIIFT4 nutrition plan?

The full details are yet to be revealed but here’s what we know;

  • Uses Portion Fix Containers (optional)
  • Shakeology is of course built into the nutrition plan
  • Uses Beachbody Performance Line
  • Allows “Cheat Days” (YES!!)
  • Allows alcohol (does backflips!) this is of course in moderation

Do You have to follow LIIFT4’s Nutrition Plan?

I recommend that you do but it depends where you’re currently at with your goals. If your current nutrition plan is working then keep on going as you are. If not, and if you want to emulate some of the insane results coming out of the coach test group….then stick to the LIIFT4 simple meal plan.

The Performance Line and LIIFT4

Joel built the performance line into LIIFT4 too because you’re lifting weights and pushing cardio boundaries. This form of training depletes glycogen fast and the performance line of supplements helps you to train harder and recover faster. Put simply, you’ll also shred fat faster if you keep the balance of fuel and performance levels right.

Check out the following post for everything you need to know about LIIFT4

liift4 nutrition