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My Personal LIIFT4 Results

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Lift. HIIT. Rest. Repeat.


LIIFT4 Requirements

Equipment for LIIFT4

Other key info

  • Intermediate experience level
  • Fat torching HIIT workouts combining resistance with cardio
  • 4 days per week, 30 mins per day
  • 8 week program


LIIFT4 has a simple purpose. Just 4 days per week to get you super ripped, shredded, cut, lean….you get the picture. This fitness program is going to be HUGE. I can just feel it. Joel freeman has been building up to this release and he’s about to unleash one of the biggest fired up fitness programs of 2018. This one will burn a ton of calories, keep you stoked motivation wise and build lean muscle. What’s not to like?

Joel will help you to cram 30 minutes worth of effort in what would otherwise take an hour and a half at the gym.

LIIFT4 combines HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with weightlifting. This approach torches fat and helps retain and build lean muscle mass. This is literally the sweet spot everybody aspires to achieve from their fitness program. Some people don’t know it but trust me…this is eventually what they’ll learn they need to achieve in order to maximise their results.

Beachbody have released the following teaser videos to introduce LIIFT4

The Ethos Behind LIIFT4 and How it Works

For some of you who insist on training 6 or 7 days per week, listen up. It’ll take discipline to only train 4 days per week but what do you want to do? Train to massage your ego or train smart? Joel believes if you train smart, you’ll never overtrain and I agree 100%. Three recovery days a week provides your muscles time to repair so you become stronger, push harder and ultimately achieve better results faster.

Make no mistake about it though, Joel will make every second count during each workout. The workouts are structured to keep you lifting with the right tempo, on pace and constantly moving. Timed rest periods will allow just enough time for you to catch your breath before hitting the next set.

Two Phases – 8 Weeks

There are two phases for maximum results

Phase one – For the first six weeks, you’ll build, cut, and define your body.

Phase two – During this phase you’ll burn through calories and fat, revealing your ultimate physique in a two week time period.

Since a hardworking body needs fuel, Beachbody have put together a LIIFT4 Nutrition Plan to make sure you’re getting all the protein, nutrients, and healthy carbs you need for your best results. I’ll be following the nutrition plan to a T. If you’re new to Beachbody on Demand, all the nutrition plans are included and outlined via the fantastic Beachbody on Demand app.

liift4 schedule

32 Unique Workouts

Just 4 days a week, each workout will target either the chest and triceps, back and biceps, shoulders, or legs—and end with a core burning ab routine. Since each workout is filmed in real time, you will never do the same workout twice.

The workout breakdown is as follows:

  • LIIFT 50/50 – A challenging combination of weightlifting for the first part of the workout and then finishing off the last half of the workout with dynamic HIIT cardio.
  • LIIFT INTERVALS – Rounds of weightlifting intertwined with intense burnout rounds of high-intensity cardio intervals.
  • CIRCUIT – Straight weightlifting workout with minimal rest that keeps your heart rate up, this ensures your body is continually burning calories.
  • HIIT – Empty your tank with HIIT training, burning massive amounts of calories in a cardio meltdown, completely raising the EPOC effect.

2 Recovery Day Stretch Routines

Designed by Joel to help relieve soreness; increase flexibility, mobility, and range of motion; and speed muscle recovery.

  • LIIFT4 Stretch  This stretch routine is designed to warm up your body first, and bring heat to your muscles before you isolate and stretch each muscle group.
  • LIIFT4 Roll & Recover  Using a foam roller to massage your muscles, this routine is designed to increase circulation, help relieve DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and speed up recovery, so you are ready for the next workout.

LIIFT4 Program & Nutrition Guide (both printed and digital)

You are going to build muscle and burn a ton of calories.  Beachbody have put together a simple way to help keep your body fueled and primed for success—even including an optional “cheat day.” There are no gimmicks, no complicated recipes. Just 5 easy steps designed to deliver serious results. There’s also a PDF file to help vegan customers get the LIIFT4 results they’re looking for.

LIIFT4 Calendar

The best way to achieve optimal results with LIIFT4 is to “check off” your progress along the way. Plus it’ll help you know which format you’re doing and the body parts you’re working each day.

LIIFT4 Weight Progression Tracker

To end up with a fully ripped physique, you have to push yourself. You will want to track how much weight you lift in each set, so you’ll know how to increase the weight over time. LIIFT4 is about making progress—and the weights you select are the catalyst for improvement. But remember, maintaining great form is key for every move.

Instructional Video on Lifting

Before you  begin working out, you can watch the HOW TO LIIFT4 video on Beachbody® On Demand. This is Weightlifting 101, covering weight selection, proper lifting form, and safety tips. It’s a free video that you can use to preview the LIIFT4 program. And it’s especially valuable for those who may be intimidated by weightlifting as a way to develop the bodies they want.

Me in Action!

Here I am in action! I love the HIIT with weights training format.

LIIFT4 Results

My own LIIFT4 Results

Here are my ongoing and early results from LIIFT4. I’m currently using this routine to repair my holiday carnage! There’s nothing better to help strip the fat away. After returning from Ibiza I lost a stone (14 lbs)  in just 5 days, see the Sunday / Friday pic below. Also check out my full day by day LIIFT4 results article.

Other people’s results from LIIFT4

If you like my LIIFT4 results I’d love to work one on one with you to show you how to get results you never dreamed you could achieve.

Make me your coach today and let’s go for it!