Si’s Story

At heart I’m a family man, I’m a very proud husband to my wife Diane and dad to my two daughters, Olivia 21 and Sophie 11. I’m also a huge sports fan. Despite my seemingly laid back demeanour I’m a very positive person. I’m not just one of those people who tells everyone they are positive….but really they aren’t. I’m talking glass half full and a spare full bottle in my bag just in case!

Sleepwalking with a Torch

Back in 2010, despite my unwavering positivity and natural enthusiasm towards sport and fitness, I somehow found myself badly out of shape. I was in pain, both mentally and physically. The weird thing is, I only realise that now. At the time I didn’t realise what was wrong as such. I was fragmented and disjointed. My regular 4 or 5 gym sessions a week dropped to 1 or 2 at best. My nutrition consumption was a complete joke. Looking back my confidence had dipped, my physical presence was bigger yet disheartened. I was beginning to spiral out of control. Career wise I was working as a digital designer. When I came home, instead of relaxing I began whipping my laptop out and searching online for something. New career? New hobby? I had no idea what, it somehow just felt empowering to be in control of something. I convinced myself I was going to find some answers…without ever having any particular questions in my head.  My family have always been fantastic but I was in a dark place without really having a solid reason to be. The ‘grand search’ went on for months, often until around 3am. I was sleepwalking with a torch.

P90X Discovery

I Found Something

That was around the point my search led me to social media fitness groups and eventually…a workout routine called P90X. That’s how this journey started. I decided to commit to P90X for 90 days and this was my new level of control. Something with purpose, fulfilment, also with an entire community around it. This had everything I’d been searching for and a lot more. This decision helped me to put my life back on track. This is about the time you’d expect me to say I totally rocked at P90X and smashed it. I didn’t. Despite having a history of going to the gym I couldn’t do one single pull-up. Not one. To be honest I kind of flailed my way through the first couple of weeks of P90X. I didn’t really care about how well I was performing as my mind started to really enjoy the discipline and the process. Guess what? I became better as the weeks went by and I actually did start to rock both physically and mentally. I could also nail a few unassisted pull-ups. Go me! By 2011 I was a massive Beachbody fan and I started to reach out further into the community.

I Found Something Even Better!

The second part of this journey has been the discovery of how strong a fitness based community can be. The comfort of sharing my values with many fellow members makes me feel like I’m in good company and that my approach is doable long term. Without this I can guarantee I wouldn’t be anywhere near as happy I am as a person, never mind staying in shape.

I learned that support and accountability is the greatest part of the fitness (and happiness) jigsaw. I created a Facebook group in 2011 after finding an online community of like minded fitness enthusiasts, many of whom were also using Beachbody workouts. I called the group ‘Team Immortal’ with the strapline ‘Forever Fit’….cheesy I know 😉

The Opportunity

Fast forward a few chapters and and for the past 7 years I’ve enjoyed using Beachbody workout routines to keep me mentally and physically strong. Even better still the Beachbody coaching opportunity launched here in the UK in October 2017.

I’ve made great friends over the years through Beachbody and now it’s the proudest chapter of my career to finally work with them too!

 My Fitness Ethos

As individuals we all have different goals and various ways of achieving these goals. Fitness is definitely an emotively triggered desire. I’ve discovered that being part of a fitness based community leads to a more rewarding journey and ultimately better results for each individual. We’re all different in terms of body shape, size, capabilities, experience and time available to dedicate to fitness, however support always benefits our cause.

Team Immortal share experiences, reviews, knowledge, training techniques, recipes, discoveries and results. This is a welcoming, rewarding and encouraging approach to fitness that I believe is fun….at least most of the time! 😉

The Future

I’ve already set my inner demons free both mentally and physically. I’m also well on my way to achieving financial freedom. I’m now 44 and the happiest I’ve been in my adult life. Every day I fulfil my dream of helping other people. It’s such a simple process to do so but it’s only achievable after first finding out how to help myself!

Each and every day is now truly a blessing.


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