Daniela’s Results


Weapons of choice - 21 Day Fix, Insanity Daniela's results speak volumes!        

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Karin L Results


  Karin went from 76.8kg to 56.6kg! Karin's favourite Beachbody weapons of choice to achieve this were P90X and Turbojam. She

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Paul S Results


Paul in 2010 to last year From Paul himself - This is me in 2012 when I joined the group and

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Steven D Results


Steven's results are just epic! After finding himself out of shape Steven's completely turned this around and he's now a proud

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Si – 2017 Results


Weapons of choice - Bodybeast, HIIT, My Own Workouts This years results are in! Weight in January: 13.10 stone Weight in

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Si – 2016 Results


Weapons of choice - Bodybeast, Focus T25, HIIT, My own workouts This is where it gets interesting. The Christmas period of

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Si – 2015 Results


Weapons of choice - P90X, Bodybeast, HIIT Training 2015 was a kind of flailing around year. I trained hard...but not damn

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Si – 2014 Results


Weapons of choice - Bodybeast Bulk Workouts, My own Workouts 2014 was another 'hold the fort' kind of year for me.

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Si – 2013 Results


Weapons of choice - Bodybeast, P90X2, Some of my own workouts I managed to hold the fort size wise but still

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Si – 2012 Results


Weapons of choice - Bodybeast OK, so in 2011 I needed to calibrate myself and learn to love training, nutrition and

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