What’s up Team Immortal? I’m not going to lie, it’s been a difficult week personally for our family. We currently have a beloved family member who is in his final throws of life. That’s about as much as I’d like to say about that as it’s obviously very personal to us. It does bring me onto my main point for this weekend though. Despite the heartache, I’ve still pushed play every day and kept my own fitness journey on track. Here’s the main reason;


Life has huge ups and huge downs and everybody will experience both elements, that’s pretty much guaranteed. I realised that there are few things in life I can control. I’m a man of answers, I like to help, remain upbeat, philosophical and just generally keep a positive zest throughout our family and lifestyle. In circumstances like this I can do precious little to help, so I keep a handle on the few things I can control, like fitness! To be honest it helps in the following ways;

  • Fitness keeps me mentally stable, providing a great release of energy and even frustration at times
  • Times like this are a reminder of how important our health is, even if this is stating the obvious
  • Performing half an hour per day workouts is also a good form of discipline
  • Human nature directs us towards ‘herding’, everywhere you go people are herding. Just look at the football World Cup. Unfortunately for me being English, it’s not coming home however the sense of unity or positive herding the young England team have spread throughout England is incredible! Fitness herding also brings great comfort, especially when we are working out from home. Posting on social media and letting each other know how well we’ve done is a great motivator

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LIIFT4 launches for real on Monday!

I’ll have time to fit 5 workouts in before we go on holiday next Saturday. On holiday I’ll be climbing hills and fells with my family but I will be having a complete break from my regular workouts. I’m currently at my lowest weight of the year too, 12.4 stone!

Check out the full LIIFT4 article here. It’s going to be a mega time saving and fat burning routine, guaranteed!

Have a great weekend everyone, I’m off to enjoy our daughter Olivia’s graduation day. We are so immensely proud of her. Like I mentioned before, talk about ups and downs! Life is short, we really ought to play more! Oh and happy herding! 😉

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