What’s up Team Immortal? Just before we embark on our summer holidays, I’ve just completed week 1 of LIIFT4.

I’m glad I did and I’m really excited as this routine will definitely be a keeper for many years to come. I particularly like that there are 60 unique videos to accompany you through your plan. I’ve stripped as much fat off as possible and the new routine along with it being my pre-holiday week have provided me with an extra zest to push hard.

The only down side for me is that I now need to take a break from LIIFT4. Next week we are in the lovely Cumbrian town of Keswick in the English Lake District. Keswick is a beautiful tranquil place and I don’t know about you but I don’t perform workouts whilst on holiday. We will be going on activity days involving fell/mountain walking and scrambling. We’ll be getting plenty of walks in that’s for sure, Harvey our dog is coming along too. Part of the reason I love fitness is that it sets you up well for pretty much anything else you fancy doing involving movement. This time it won’t be with fitness goals in mind, more of a family activity and lifestyle event.

For the second week of our holidays, we will be going all out carnage on the party capital of the world…Ibiza of course! We just love Ibiza. Other than a dip in the pool and walking to bars/restaurants it’s unlikely there’ll be any fitness activities involved. The way I figure it out is this:

  • I perform my home workouts 48 weeks of the year
  • My nutrition is healthy going by around a 70/30 rule for 48 weeks of the year (70% healthy, 30% treats at weekends, going out, special occasions etc)
  • 4 weeks of the year I go all out carnage. No exercise or nutrition based rules at all

The byproduct of this approach is that it’s 100% a great fit for my personality and long term adherence.

This forms the cornerstone of my ethos. I also create plans for people and show them how to strip fat, build muscle or achieve whatever fitness goals they have while still having a full life! Ironically, fitness is often perceived as a place involving too many restrictions. It is in fact the complete opposite! Fitness keeps millions of people happy, healthy, encouraged, confident, motivated, inspirational, determined….and a whole lot more. Fitness has opened so many doors for me I can’t imagine even trying to explain them all in one post. Fitness has also closed the door on unhealthy habits, obesity, unhappiness, anxiety, injury frequency and a raft of downward spiral negative emotions. Not to mention the invisible effect fitness has on suppressing potential other health risks.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want direct one on one help. Check out the challenge page and see if you’d like to join the success crew!

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LIIFT4 is Breaking All Boundaries

If you haven’t seen my daily reviews, you’ll not know how sore I am after completing my first week of LIIFT4. I definitely know it will be my weapon of choice to repair the damage once I return from holiday.

Check out the full LIIFT4 article here. It’s going to be a mega time saving and fat burning routine, guaranteed!

Don’t forget to checkout the challenge page if you’re not already part of the crew.

Here’s my final pre-holiday results. Weight, 12.2 stone, waist 29.5″. Pretty much bang on target.

I’ll see you all when we return full of zest, vigour and raring to go with another LIIFT4 challenge group!